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  • Importance of food

    I just wanted to start this thread because we have all seen the posts where someone says they can't gain weight, and explain how they are eating a "shit ton" of food, to no avail.....The bottom line here is, that if you are stuck and not gaining, more than likely, granted you don't have a metabolic issue, you simply aren't eating enough....

    Case in point, and I'm gonna throw my friend under the bus

    My friend is diabetic. He has onset type 2 diabetes, and was prescribed meds to keep his blood sugar in check. A few years ago, we worked on his diet extensively, and he was able to forego using his meds at all after that point. He's had normal tests done and they show that he has controlled his blood sugar thru diet. While we worked on this, he decided he wanted to drop some fat, so that was another goal in mind. He has followed this diet fairly consistently for about 2-3 years. Not a ton of food, just about maintenance for him.

    Last year, I was able to put on about 25 pounds with the guidance of Skip and an offseason plan. Yes, I put on some fat, BUT, I did not stray from burgers and sandwiches and that is what ultimately put the fat on, coupled with ZERO cardio for almost 2 years I think. My increase in size was noticeable, and quite honestly had my friend thinking that it was simply due to escalating AAS use....Because of this, I saw my friend start to ramp up his AAS use and pretty soon it was actually pretty high. But no gains came really. He got stronger a bit, but seemingly had no great size increase. He also was constantly questioning me about what I was using. Nothing magic here, I kept on telling him it was the food, to which he somewhat scoffed at....

    My friend came to me recently and asked me to help him gain some weight. He was still following a maintenance diet, doing alot of AAS and couldn't understand why he hadn't grown much, if at all. I helped him put something together that really just increased his daily intake of food spread out over 6 meals, 7 on training days. He has been doing it for a week now, and has complained every day that it's hard as hell to get the food down. He's told me point blank that he would have sworn he was eating just as much or more than I was....told me also that he assumed I was lying about my AAS use and that I was taking a shitload of stuff. Just could not understand how I could gain on so little supps while he was taking quite a bit and not growing....He's finally admitted that he now realizes the importance of food....

    In the last year or so I have weighed most of my food, even while gaining. I ate out probably about 5% of the time for meals and obviously these were not weighed, but I got more than my share of calories in those meals. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a solid meal plan in place. That is why working with someone when you have no clue is so important. If you don't know, hire someone who does, or at least try to get as much free advice as possible to help you along the way. There is absolutely NO substitute for food.....I will say that again...There is absolutely NO substitute for food. Once you realize this, your goals will become achievable. Some people never realize this and therefore are always the ones who are struggling saying that they eat a shit ton of food and they can't gain weight....I always laugh when I hear that expression, cause that to me is just someone's way of saying "well, I really don't know how much I eat, but it seems like alot"

    Look at it this way. We all know that diet is responsible for probably at least 90-95% of results, in my opinion anyway. Why would you put 110% into your training, be meticulous about what gear and supps you are using, only to treat the most important aspect of this whole thing like it doesn't matter? It irks me when I hear people say "look at that juicehead" when referring to guys who have busted their ass in the gym AND at the table....It's just a cop out for guys who CAN'T do it, or don't have the will to do what it takes.....


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    You can add all of the supplements in the world but if you don't create the environment for them to work then they won't do anything. You can't build the temple without first laying down the foundation.

    I also want to look at the other end of the spectrum, fat loss.

    One of my friends was and is trying to lose some weight. He trains hard and isn't a dummy when it comes to training. Well he just couldn't seem to lose any weight so he asked me to look over his diet and it was actually really good, ON PAPER. I got a little skeptical about what he was telling me, because I knew if he was doing what he said he would definitely be losing weight. We are pretty close so I called him out on it. I ask him are you really measuring your portion? Are you really only eating carbs around training? How many times have you caved in to sweets? Do you really not indulge in the office treats?

    After I asked him to show me what his prtions looked like, he really wasn't checking and his carb portions were nearly double what he said. By not taking the time to do a little portion control he went through months of stagnation.

    The results speak for themselves, just because you have a plan doesn't mean shit unless you stick to it and actually follow through consistently.
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      Excellent post Steel!!!

      I use to think I was pounding the food. Then a friend who is a nutritionist said let me show you how you really need to eat for bodybuilding. I started his diet and thought I was going to die the first few days. The first year of that eating coupled with cardio and DC, I gained 15lbs of muscle and dropped 25lbs of fat. That was after over a decade of training and no AAS.

      I thought I ate alot then and now my food intake is even higher when not trimming. Dante has always been right about the eat like a 300 pounder, do your cardio and get that damn weight up. It will pay off!

      If you are training hard and doing moderate cardio, but your weight isn't moving guess what it is. EAT MORE!!!

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          excellent post Scott. Competitor friend woudl get in really good shape for about 4 weeks out but never shredded, so im over at his house in kitchen and i look around and say:
          ME "wheres your food scale?"
          HIM "oh i dont have one..."
          ME "it broke?"
          HIM "no ive never had one actually"
          ME " how do you measure your portions?!?!"
          HIM "ive done this enough i can just eyeball it"
          ME " when you cut form 8 to 6 oz of chicken you can just tell???"
          HIM "pretty much...all that weighing exact stuff is mumbo jumbo, how much difference can it make?"
          ME "well have you ever won your class?"

          and this wasnt a newb either, probbably had doen 6 shows at this point.
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            <3 subway, mcdonalds, taco bell

            3 essential food groups for any rising champion.


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