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nDure + Karboload vs. MG's Powdered Muscle

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  • nDure + Karboload vs. MG's Powdered Muscle

    I posted this in the True Nutrition forum but it's not getting any attention so I figured I'd put it here (mods please move if need be).

    My goals are strength gain (and any body re composition would be an added bonus, trying to stay in the 198 weight class)

    For maximizing strength and performance (from those who have used both) what would be better for pre/intra/post workout from TN?

    nDure with Karboload


    MG's powdered Muscle

    I'm leaning toward the former with 2 servings of the nDure, and one serving of Karboload, but just wanted some feed back from those who have maybe used both.
    -2013 USAPL Michigan State Championships 198lb Raw Mens Open, 1st Place (1217 total)
    -2013 USAPL Texas State Championships
    198 Raw Mens Open, 2nd place (1216 total)
    -2012 USAPL Longhorn Open
    198 Raw Mens Open, 1st place (1177 total)
    -2012 USAPL Aggie Showdown
    198lb Raw Mens Open, 2nd place (1137 total)

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    I have used 2 scoops Powdered Muscle with creatine and pepto mixed in before and currently use 2 scoops nDure and 2 scoops karboload. Both I take part pre training, refill with water and drink half during training, then finish at the end before driving home to a shake and carb meal.

    The nDure/Karboload tastes way better and definitely gives me tons of energy and "buzz" during training. But then again the nDure has ingredients in it that the PM didn't so it's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

    That said I will stick to the nDure/Karnoload mix like I use now if only because of taste and that it is easier to use just those 2 then making a concoction of my own with all the ingredients separately. I was making great progress before my accident since starting to use it and have feel far better in the gym already since than I ever thought I would.