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foam roller suggestions??

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  • foam roller suggestions??

    Hey guys, I am looking online to buy a foam roller, but there are so many...anybody able to recommend one they have and like? One that is very firm and doesn't break down?

    I am having MAJOR issues in my left hip which are exacerbated by squatting and leg pressing movements. It is deep on the rear side of my hip (piriformis area), but I also am having issues on the lateral side of my hip and even on the front/medial side (groin side)...all around the left hip basically. I am going to try rolling some of those areas and go from there.

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    I've never used it, but I have been hearing great things about the Rumble Roller. It is a foam roller covered with nubs to really dig into the trouble areas. However, it does cost a good bit more than a regular foam roller.

    The one I use is a simple roller, but it is pretty durable and has not lost its shape one bit and is pretty inexpensive:
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      My hip is a mess..

      Foam rollers feel the best.

      Lax ball is too tough for me...and for glutes I live PVC or "the stick"

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        Perform Better and elitefts are both great brands. Make sure you go high density
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          My suggestion:
          Instead of paying exorbitant costs for a giant piece of foam and shipping it, try making your own. A piece of PVC and gluing on foam of your choice of firmness is both cheap and easy.
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            I bought one of these a year ago. I use it 4-5 times a week to roll out hams, hips, quads and it's held up just fine without getting soft or worn out. It's pretty solid with almost no give in the foam which is what I like about it.



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              I have the smaller black rumble roller and it is a huge jump from regular foam roller. Be honest with you it is sometimes too much or me on IT band, TFL, and middle quad (not sure why quad but it feels like rolling it makes I worse). That said I love still love it, holds up really well, looks kick ass. I'd go with the black rumble roller or just a PvC pipe and lacrosse balls.


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                I'm with Sammich, make your own, foam rollers are expensive considering it's a piece of cylindrical hard foam. And I find it that it only lasts a few months before it goes soft and you have to buy another one.

                Get a solid piece of PVC and glue some foam/rubber mat to it.

                But mentalflex suggestion is also good if you really wanna spend some cash. The rumble roller seems to have a hard interior from what I hear so it would last some good amount of time, plus it seems it's one hell of a roller.
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                  I had a similar problem with my hip a couple years ago, I used a regular foam roller twice a day for a couple months and it helped a bit, but the pain always came back , then I got a rumble roller( the regular blue one) and it helped immensely- it's way better for getting deep into the hip and piriformis areas.


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                    is it just me or do any of you guys not feel anything when foam rolling hamstrings? could that be chalked upto flexibility? (i can touch my toes with straight knees and heels together)
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                      Originally posted by Gridiron View Post
                      is it just me or do any of you guys not feel anything when foam rolling hamstrings? could that be chalked upto flexibility? (i can touch my toes with straight knees and heels together)
                      I don't feel anything when I roll my hammies, might be because it's hard to really load the hammies with your full bodyweight. I have a monster stick I use for them and it works ok, try a lacrosse or tennis ball on your hips, piriformis, calves, and hammies.


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                        This is the one I've been using for almost 9 months and it's been great and has held up perfectly...
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                          Sammich's idea works well. I actually use three different things.

                          1.regular foam roller (20 bucks at Wallmart)- good for beginner user or more sensitive areas (side of thigh)
                          2. Pvc w/ thin layer of foam- just a level up once you aren't feeling a standard roller
                          3. Pvc w/ no foam- for less sensitve areas. (Hams/front of thighs)
                          4. Rumble Roller- Great product. I use this when I really want to move the muscle and break up any adhessions. John Meadows uses these a bunch.
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                            I use PVC pipe and a baseball. Big fan of the baseball.


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                              Originally posted by xr race View Post
                              I use PVC pipe and a baseball. Big fan of the baseball.
                              Baseball is rough because of the seems. Lacrosse ball works well or a pool ball I you need it harder than that.