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in need of help nailing down a contest date

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  • in need of help nailing down a contest date

    hey everyone,

    so i started dieting back in oh.. early/mid feb. at 23% 198 pounds body fat. that's a rough estimate because i was tested at 21% after loosing about 9 pounds.
    just yesterday i was tested again, at at the time of the test (since they weighed me too) i was 171 and 12% body fat.

    so ive already been dieting for 4/5 months. i wanted to do a show in aug. but it appears to me that the site had the date wrong. so my options are EARLY july. not really feasable to get ready in time without getting drastic. and the other option is last weekend in sept, thats nearly 4 months away!! just under though

    the sept option seems best but i feel thats to long to diet so i wanted advice on what to do regarding that. do i continue to cut for that whole time, or do i try to reset my baseline keep fat where it is and then start cutting again in a month?

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    Btw I have photos from a few pounds ago if it would help or I could try an take some tonight if it would help you guys give me advice


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      You're definitely gonna have to put some photos up if you want advice.


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        I'd also like to know more about your current diet, training, and cardio in relation to your current stats. I'd also like to know if you are you still progressing or do you feel stalled out on fat loss?
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          Ya no problem.
          I'm a natural bodybuilder for starters
          My diet started at 2400 calories at around 250 pro 225 carb 55 fat roughly.. Protein might have been 260. It was like that until about a month ago. No cycling. Cardio 3 times a week.
          Now I dropped carbs to like 150-175 an weight it still coming off cardio only 3-4 times a week at 20-25 min. Really been coming off pretty easy.
          5'6 4 years training
          weights been coming off easy down 30 pounds was thinking of skip loading Sunday since I don't want my baseline dropping anymore any thought

          Any other questions just ask