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    I was introduced to these grip4orce grips by John Meadows. At first I thought they would be know different then a thick-bar...or towel wrapped around the bar. Which is ok, but not much to get jacked about. These grips he said you have to actively squeeze down making them much more challenging and forced focus as well as muscle activation. I was thinking oh yea right...I was shocked by the difference these did make. No joke, the pump was sick and since using them over a 2 month period my strength in my pulls have been much noticeable. Arms feel more dense, no extra size but my grip strength has far surpassed my expectations in such a short period of time. Grip4orce is a solid new product that gets two double thumbs up!!

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    Yea - I used them thinking they would be ok, but nothing special...wrong...really good tool!!!!
    John Meadows
    Creator of the Mountain Dog Diet