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  • Car Accident

    Some of you may have seen on Facebook that Sunday night around 930pm I was t boned by another car on my way home with my girlfriend. I have no memory of the accident, preceding events or immediate aftermath. But we were hit hard. I woke up in the hospital and totally missed my time in the ER and woke up as I was being transferred to the floor. I had a broken orbital, broken jaw, multiple lacerations that were stitched and a cardiac contusion that caused elevated troponins. Jess got hit bad too and has some broken ribs and unfortunately remembered a lot. Including trying to get my attention and see my face covered in blood and a black stare. They also pulled her out first despite her protesting not wanting to leave me and she was told "It doesn't matter. He's not gonna make it anyway. He's gone". Total dick move.

    Anyway spent 2 nights in the hospital. 2d echo done to check my hearts, lots of trauma docs, plastic surgeons and then the maxillofacial to wire my jaw. Lot of pain and little shit wears me out. This post has taken 10 minutes and is tiring lol.

    Freinds and family have been over to help w everything. FD guys have bonded together to work my shifts for free til July so I dont have to use all that sick time.

    All in all sucks. forget gym stuff which was going great. the littlest things hurt like hell and im beat ll the time. Feel like its all my fault that jess got hurt. couple guys from here messaged when they saw fbook pic. Wanted to just put it out there to everyone. You guys are a second fam. Thanks for everything. Here's a pic of my face...

    anyone that wants to text of fbook me feel free 610-573-1218 or adam banotai on facebook.

    take care all. a blink of an eye and it could've been way worse for me.
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    Holy shit man glad you are ok!



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      When James text me and told me and sent that pic Adam I nearly threw up. Get better quick man, puts a new perspective on life for sure. HOpe you and Jess stay strong, and yes a total Dick move when they pulled her out
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        Adam - I saw this on FB and had no idea how bad it really was. My god!

        I hope you and your girlfriend both recover quickly. You'll have my thoughts and prayers.

        Keep your head up and stay positive. We are all here for any kind of support.

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          Glad you are ok man.. Close call and shit is scary.

          Do you know what causes the wreck? Just running a red light?
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            Damn dude. So glad it wasn't any worse. Rest up man.

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              I'm not on FB anymore and wasn't aware. Glad you are ok. Sorry Jess had to see this happen to you and be told that. What BS. I'll be in touch with ya. Rest up and I hope you both get well soon.
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                that's rough man, hang in there. hope you make a speedy recovery


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                  Hey Adam, get better soon. Glad to see that you're ok, or as close to ok as you can be after something like this.

                  Glad to see the other guys at the FD are gonna help you out. Also: holy shit, that EMT is an asshole.

                  Hopefully that douchebag has good insurance. If you want any help with any sort of legal documentation, I can look at it and give you an opinion*, though if it goes there, get a lawyer, just want to help if you need it.

                  *as a law student, not an attorney, I have to note that I cannot give legal advice, but I can help friends out, so anything would be completely unofficial.


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                    Sorry to hear Adam. Wish you and you lady a speedy recovery...
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                      This still bothers me because after my fiance lost her dad and his GF, my best friend called me last week and his parents were killed in a wreck, then James text me and I about fell out, you better get better quick, I can't take anymore of this shit
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                        Glad both you and your girlfriend are ok. Sorry she had to go through the emotional trauma of being told you're gone, that's bs... Good luck with your recovery. I wish both of you the best during this time.


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                          Wow, rest up man and yes, keep your loved ones close. Life is short. Which side was hit, driver? Makes a good case for side airbags.
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                            Glad you're ok. Good luck with the recovery.
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                              Wow...glad to hear you're doing better and that your girlfriend made it out of it alright too, though that stunt the EMT pulled sucks and may have been more painful for her than the injuries she sustained. I hope everything gets better for the both of you from here on out. Speedy recovery to you both.

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