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The Good, The Bad...and I am just ugly

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  • The Good, The Bad...and I am just ugly

    Box squat pr: 715


    Injured shoulder benching..............................AGAIN.

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    I would assume the ugly part was obvious on it's own.
    International Elite Raw Powerlifter
    Blood - Sweat - Chalk


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      fuuuuck...hope youre alright bro...wut u think happened?
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        Shit man, that really sucks. Same shoulder? Kudos to your training partner though. He was on top of that shit!
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          Ouch. I'm going to have nightmares of shoulder injuries now.


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            Big weight on the squat! Take care of that shoulder man.
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              Torn pec before under heavy negatives. Nothing more frustrating..
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                Sorry to hear, heal up and come back stronger!
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                  The vid says shoulder that a self diagnoses right now (not saying its wrong) or is that in fact what happened? Is it the cuff (I've torn both and that shit sucks...I started trying to bench again and I'm still scared about PUSHING it). Wish you the best man and hope its ONLY a bad strain.
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                    Damn Shawn! Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Hopefully it heals up fast and you can get right back to your training. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

                    All the best

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                      Why does the spotter seem unconcerned?
                      Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
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                        Bumping for an update...

                        Shawn, hang in there, man. The only good thing I see is that you seemed to be able to at least keep the bar balanced and it didn't entirely collapse, meaning that the injury could have potentially been worse.

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                        The Book Has Arrived!

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                          Still heating today. Didnt sleep much. Just gonna rest and see how it is tomorrow. Anyone you suggest I see Scott?

                          Seems to hurt mostly in medial delt and in shoulder blade. U can pull arm backwards slightly. Cant lift it at all.
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                            Hope you get better soon Shawn.

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                              A speedy and thorough recovery, Shawn. Sorry to learn about the shoulder tear.