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  • deadlift form question

    So when you are in this position that Franco is in. What do you guys focus on? Pushing your hips out and leaning back or just getting your hips forward?

    My understanding of the deadlift is that you need to pull back so that if you were to let go of the bar you would fall backwards.

    The reason I ask is im trying to understand flaws in my deadlift form and why I possibly hurt my back other than I went too heavy without a belt.
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    Use the search button son. There's a sticky on deadlift tips and one of the best dl'ers in the world willing to give advice off of your videos.


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      I don't agree with the concept of pulling backward as if you were pulling the bar into you. The bar should travel in a straight line up, to quote bill Starr it should look as if traveling up a Smith machine. I also like to keep shoulder in front of the bar and not behind it. Go to and use there search button to look up Bill Starr they have a great amount of articles written by him. I find his advice to be invaluable.
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        coo, must have missed that specific part in the sticky section. I re read it and it had a good answer. Would be nice to work with a coach. I think that is the next step to getting my form the best it can be.
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          At that point in the Pic, you are still pulling, it isn't high enough to thrust your hips.