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Right hamstring/glute/erector not firing during deadlifts...

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  • Right hamstring/glute/erector not firing during deadlifts...

    I injured my right shoulder and was out of the gym for about 2 months. Once I started deadlifting again I noticed it feels like my left sideisdoing themajority of the work. My left glute hamstrings and erectors get really pumped up during a set where my right side feelslikeits hardly doing any work at all. It feelslikeI can't get my right side to fire when deadlifting. I'm worried this might create any injury in the future. I already do a shitload of stretching and foam rolling but my left erectorsand latsalwaysfeel super tight. When doing unilateral exercises (db rows, db presses) I don't notice that much of an imbalance in strength between my left and right side. But I notice on quad movements as well my left sideseemsto bepushing harder than my right.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? Should I just continue deadlifting and hoping the imbalance works itself out? Any stretches/exercises you'd reccomend to get my right side to fire?

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    How'd you injure your shoulder? What's it feel like when you're doing deads? The right shoulder that is...
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      My shoulder was injured from accumulative damage just from lifting. My shoulder feels fine when doing deadlifts but I have a feeling my body is subconsiously trying to protect it which is why I feel my left side working more because I never had this problem before my shoulder injury


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        Are you left, or right handed?
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          Right handed


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            I had this problem as well. It would lead to constant pulls and tweaks in the mentioned areas. Even a somewhat serious hip injury. I finally fixed these about 6 months ago doing the following.

            I found these things to be extremely useful:

            1) mobilize that hip flexor


            2) do daily activation work for the low back (before bed and pre workout)


            go to 1:50 of that video. do 50 reps before bed, and 50 reps in your pre workout warm up

            3) do daily activation work for the glutes (before bed and pre workout)


            do 50 reps before bed and 50 reps in your pre workout warm up

            At the start I couldn't even do 20 reps of #2 and #3 without getting a massive pump. I noticed my ability to activate them 100% started to happen when I could hit between 35-50 clean reps.

            good luck!


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              thanks for the help. ill try those out.