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    Meal One (pre-WO):
    30g whey isolate 27g prot 1 carb
    30g hydro whey isolate 27g prot
    1 cup oats 10g prot 54g carbs 6g fat
    1 TBsp ANPB 4g prot 4g carbs 8g fat

    During work out I have glutamine and BCAA with crystal light

    Meal 2 (post-WO):
    20g whey isolate 18g prot 1carb
    20g hydro whey isolate 18g prot
    1/2 cup oats 5g prot 27g carbs 3g fat
    5g creatine, 5g glutamine, 5g BCAA

    Meal 3:
    200g chicken breast 48g prot 6g fat
    150g sweet potato 3g prot 30g carb
    100g broccoli

    Meal 4:
    6oz Tuna 42g prot 6g fat
    1oz almonds 5g prot 6g carbs 13g fat

    Meal 5:
    4 egg whites 10g prot

    Meal 6:
    30g whey isolate 27g prot
    30g casein 26g prot
    1/2oz almonds 3g prot 3g carb 7g fat

    Total cals 2100
    Prot: 277g 1108cals 52%
    Carbs: 140g 560cals 27%
    Fats: 48g 432cals 21%

    I work second shift so I get to bed late. I train at 8:30am. That is the reason for the 1st meal being my pre-WO, I get out of bed, drink a shake and off to the gym. I was thinking to maybe split meal 4 into 2 smaller meals.
    This will be my starting kcal point and will cut as needed. All input is appreciated.

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    Current stats? Goals?


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      Sorry, forgot that. Right now 5'6" 210 38YO Body Fat: Yes. around 24% i guess. Want to cut fat down. I started back in the gym after a long layoff at 226lbs. I have been eating clean and doing cardio but havent been strict with counting cals. Would like to hit 12-14%. I have been as low as 8.5% many years ago, so I dont have a problem sticking to a diet.
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