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Update: Fat and smooth, to skinny guy, and back

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  • Update: Fat and smooth, to skinny guy, and back

    Hey guys, just a short update.

    Started in November with Shelby weighing around 197, just wayyy too smooth (as you remember I'm sure). Dieted down until February to lean, but not super lean. Now, on my way back up. Currently at 174, I seem to be adding about 1/4 lb per week or so, and staying around the same leanness.

    Made it a goal to compete for the first time right after my 25th birthday. (1.5 years away). Gonna add size up until those last 20 weeks, and then diet down for the show.

    While I'm doing my own training, the diet is all Shelby, and I cannot recommend him enough.

    First pics are from November, others are from last week.
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    Nice job, looking good! Good luck on your goals!
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      Good job!! But next time, try matching your socks!!!

      Just kidding...


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        "I go by thickness." -Steven Wright
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          LOL!!! Makes sense!


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            Looking good! Great progress....



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              Nice work D!
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                Great work, man!


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                  Thanks for the compliments everyone.

                  Question as well, for discussion if need be.

                  Have you guys come to places in your diet where the more food you add, the more the metabolism gets fired up, and the scale weight doesn't change much?

                  That seems to be what we've been battling, and I can only think back to Dante's "Human Blast Furnace" comments.
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                    "I go by thickness." OCD?

                    Looking good DG, nice work and good luck.


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                      Good work man. For some reason I always thought you were Asian....not sure why. Congrats on the progress though.
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                        You haven't stopped right? You should keep going another 5% BF or so.....


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                          Lookin' good mang! Face is getting skinnier too. Stop putting your clothes near a public trash can in a public restroom, that's gross.
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                            Good work. Wide lats.
                            Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
                            -John Ceasar