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    Hey guys I have been using TP's proteins for a few years and love them and I have been trying to get 2 of my friends to order from them.

    They asked me these 2 questions about TP's whey protein but I couldnt answer them-can anyone help me out here possibly DC? I know DC talked about where they got their protein awhile back but cant find the thread...

    1. where do the get their source of protein from-is it China?
    2. Is the whey RBST free?

    Thanks guys

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    The True Nutrition website FAQ section has some information that might be useful:

    From the website:

    "Where are your products manufactured?
    The majority of our protein materials are manufactured domestically in the United States, with the exception of the Calcium Caseinate which is sourced from New Zealand, the Hemp Protein which is brought in from Canada, and the PeptoPro which is brought in from Western Europe. None of our protein materials will ever be sourced from China, and each product will be entirely Melamine-free."

    And see this thread at True Nutrition:

    Per Carl at True Nutrition, from that thread:

    "You are welcome to submit an e-mail in to me or to the Admin inbox at [email protected] or [email protected] for the certificates of analysis at any time. None of our materials are currently being sourced from organic cows, but while our materials are not certified RBGH-Free, our manufacturers frown upon the use of these materials from their dairies and the materials are typically not used in the production of milk and dairy ingredients but more for beef production."
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