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  • Weird Back pain

    I hurt my low back a couple of weeks ago. Not too bad, so I started taking a week off this week. Was going to take this week off and start light back next week. Tuesday I was feeling better. But Wednesday morning I picked up something light at home and probably pulled a muscle. Now, during the day i have pain in my lower back(left side). but at night when I sleep, I have very bad pain in my back near my left shoulder blade. I never have had 2 places where my back hurts at different times in the same day. Anyone know what that is?

    At night my lower back doesn't hurt at all.
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    Go to a chiropractor and get checked out. If your lower back is hurting your more then likely adjusted your posture to keep the pain to a minimum, but by doing so you could be tightening up other areas from the increased stress on them.
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