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  • Callus Removal Tools n Tips

    I searched and didn't find anything.

    You can try playing around with callus remover gels/lotions, but YMMV and I have no experience with those. A hot shower post-w/o works just fine for me to soften up the skin a bit.



    I'll take the the blade (1) and start slicing off the giant layers first. Don't be scared. There probably isn't enough room between the blade + backing to slice through your callus + epidermis to strike the dermis layer (where all the nerves and such are).

    The rasp on the other side as well as (2) are really for smoothing out the skin and making the callus area even with the rest of your hands.

    These are nice alternatives to x-acto knives, scissors, or even chewing away at your calluses.


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    I picked up some of this stuff on your suggestion and it's been awesome. Night and day difference in my hands compared to before. Hopefully I don't get any more rips from my calluses now.
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      I have found this to be an excellent video.


      Originally posted by John Broz
      If your family was captured and you were told you needed to put 100 pounds onto your max squat within two months or your family would be executed, would you squat once per week? Something tells me that you'd start squatting every day. Other countries have this mindset. America does not.


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        One last shameless bump for sake of completeness in hand/nail care.

        I picked this up random piece of retail therapy on Monday after having the world's worst bench ever:

        Despite keeping my nails fairly short, the acetone and other funtime chemicals I encounter as a chemistry teacher leave my nails pretty weak and my cuticles a bit ragged.

        This gel absorbs instantly.

        I now no longer hold up the squat rack because I'm picking at my cuticles like an OCD freak or looking awkward loading up the bar because I don't want my nails to bend back. Peeling weights off the floor like it ain't no thang! Actually no one ever says anything when I'm at the rack but I still feel it's inconsiderate.

        In conclusion, you too can have decent hands and lift "heavy" weights sans gloves.
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        "No idea is above scrutiny and no people are beneath dignity." -Maajid Nawaz