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  • Pec Strain Rehab

    I'm currently beginning the process of rehabbing after a grade II pec strain and was curious if anyone had any input on this process.

    My physician recommended high rep light weight movements. Accordingly, I have started with high rep DB flat benching and overhead pressing. I am really weak at both movements, but particularly weak with the overhead pressing (I strained it playing basketball with an overhead-type movement, so I guess maybe this makes sense?). I'm currently planning on continuing this until I get back up to some semblance of my normal strength (I've dropped from doing reps at 135 to overhead pressing a standard bar twice, and that's about it). Does this make sense, or do I need to start incorporating lower rep, higher weight sets to build strength back up?

    Any thoughts, advice, or recommendations from those who have had experience with something similar would be much appreciated.