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  • Pastor Pump Interview

    This was an interview I did with our very own Pastor Pump before he went on stage before the Arnold. I may be bias, but this was by far the most impressive I've seen him look. His Christmas tree was on full display and almost looked alien. In fact, my wife who is no stranger to bodybuilding said, "What is that. His Christmas tree is so prominent." In this interview he shares with us a little about himself and his training. The guy is a wealth of knowledge and Regardless of bad or preferential judging is one of the best in the country today. Without further ado...

    1994 Ohio Gran Prix 4th place
    2010 Kentucky State Championships 1st place
    2011 Northern Kentucky 4th place
    2012 Kentucky Grand Prix 1st place
    2014 Francois Classic 3rd place
    2015 Francois Classic 2nd Place
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    Appreciate you and Pastor Pump taking the time to do this interview. Quality stuff. Looking forward to more Doberman!


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      We've got more in the 'Doberman meets...' Intense Interviews series coming up soon, some really interesting people.
      PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.