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    Whats up fellas new to the forum. Wanted to post a new split Im runnin and get some opinions. First off I'll give a lil background. Stats: 5'11, 195lbs, 13%, 28 yrs. For last 2 yrs I've trained under guidance of a reknown powerlifter. However, for the most part I just followed his routine for the big 3 lifts and he created a plan for me to lift w/o him. The old spit was Mon-chest, tri. tues - legs, wed-off, thurs-back, bi, traps, fri-lite, chest, lite tri, shoulders. Under his guidance I topped out at 215 w/ huge strength gains. My problem is I have moved and am no longer under his guidance. He is someone who will help you if your in his training group but is done w/ you once you leave. So Im here trying to find a routine of my own, w/ little knowledge on the science of training since I was just told what to do.

    The new split Im thinking of is mon-upper heavy, tues-lower heavy, wed-push, thurs-pull, fri-legs. wkends-off. Its really hard to get through my head that the upper heavy day is doing good just because its a low amnt of exercises for each body part w/o it taking 3+ hours. Im trying to stick w/ doing less working sets balls out with more recovery time but hitting each part 2 a week. Im in a state of wondering if my current wo are doing good or not? Im really looking to get to the next level in my training and there isnt a soul in my gym that I can learn from. Any help is greatly appreciated fellas. Dont mean to sound like some newb on here but its buggin the heck outta me..
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