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  • Any tips on diet

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Was just looking for some thoughts and tips on my diet. I'm 27 6"0' and 194 lbs. I'm looking at putting on lean muscle. Currently training with DC principles (not being trained by Dante so not saying it is DC, but using all his methods) My diet is as follows on training days

    Meal 1
    6 eggs (3 white, 3 whole) (scrambled in EVOO)
    1 cup oats with Soy milk (eaten uncooked, just drowned with soy milk for a bit of taste)

    Meal 2
    8 - 10 oz chicken breast (grilled with marinade)
    half an average sweet potato (boiled)
    5 brocoli stalks (boiled)

    take NOXpump Pre-workout by Dorian Yates
    While training I have X-tend BCAA mixed with pure carbs

    immediately after training
    Tempro Protein shake by Dorian Yates (2 scoop)

    Meal 3
    1 cup Brown Rice
    8 - 9 oz minced beef (cooked with EVOO and mixed with following)
    1/2 capsicum or pepper (not sure what you call it in America)
    1/2 Brown onion
    handful of spinach leaves
    1/2 tin chopped tomato

    Meal 4
    7.4 oz tinned Tuna (Brine drained)
    large plate of baby spinach
    1/2 Red onion
    2 medium mushrooms
    cumbled fetta on top
    salt, pepper and EVOO on top

    Before Bed
    Tempro Protein shake by Dorian Yates (2 scoop)
    handful of peanuts (unsalted, Roasted)

    This was exactly what I ate today, I am thinking of adding some jelly to have next to my Post workout shake (I'm pretty buggered after training) for a quick cheap pick up. Also going to add a cup of O.J for breakfast as well.

    I'm not sure what the exact stats are, I am hopeless at working out exact protein/fat/carb/calories of everything. Also I hope I have make all the measurements correct as Im posting from Aus. We use grams here.

    Any advice from the pro's would be much appreciated.

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    Start here

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      Definitely check the link Lock posted, but at a quick glance (don't have time to figure out the macros), it does not look like enough, particular protein.
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