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Calling Out- errr Team Gorman-WTF?

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  • Calling Out- errr Team Gorman-WTF?

    Yeah I'm going to call your ass out publicly John Gorman. Sorry for including TEAM SKIP in that headline but I couldn't tell the difference between the two other than TEAM SKIP being the original and "Team Gorman" a blatant rip off. I think I find it funny you posted after me in the "Anyone Training Anyone Here at IM" Thread and then a gigantic vent came on, coincidence? I don't fucking think so. So I played some Sherlock Holmes and here is what I came up with and I doubt anyone here at IM will disagree, Just sayin'

    TEAM GORMAN? Nice Name! But Hey, anyone can throw Team before their last name right?

    Your FB page shows that you steal almost everything from SKIP from your lame slogan: "get ripped eating pancakes, cocoa puffs and doritos. We eat this all the time and get ripped"

    SKIP does the Longevity DVD and one week after it releases, you try to do a lame video series about nutrition.

    I feel the reason SKIP can't do the experiments anymore because, you, douchebag stole that idea and is using it to make money off your clients "when you are slow".

    The latest was one week after SKIP came back from Dallas after giving that seminar with Steve Kuclo and Jeff Dwelle at MetroFlex, you announce that you are working on doing a seminar.

    Hell, your latest experiment is "going to make big news with a completely new and improved refeed".

    You know why you don't post much here? I know you do but most of IM doesn't so I'm going to enlighten you a bit Johnny Boy, because SKIP would hand you your fucking ass and you know it. After reading his post yesterday I can only assume he doesn't because it wouldn't be good for business on his part. Well I don't have any business other than calling a spade a spade and a down and out fucking rip off artist when I see one! That's you, and further yes I'm going to rip on you, if that's you in your avatar, you better get to fucking work because I wouldn't hire you to change my tire.

    The only thing you said that was true is you sent your girlfriend to work with SKIP last year. Yeah? So you could probably rip some more fucking ideas off by what he had her do! Am I right or am I right? I know I'm right! If you are that good why didn't you train her? Odd I know, spend all that money for prep when you are that good yourself? Man I hate being kind of smart.

    My challenge still stands from my PM's, any stage, any platform bro I'd be happy to hand you your ass.
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    Thank GOD someone finally came out and said this.
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      PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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        Im trying to figure out which post I like better...DCB or RS.

        "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pussy."

        "Carry 24/7 or guess right."

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          Originally posted by RedSkull View Post
          Originally posted by slide View Post
          Im trying to figure out which post I like better...DCB or RS.


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            From FB:

            Team Gorman
            Owner and SUPER-GEEK Nutritionist · Apr 2007 to present · Springfield, Missouri

            Finishing up my latest article, and it's something addresses the terrible trainers and prep coaches out there. Leslie is gonna kill me for this one, but I already said my prayer before I wrote it "Dear Lord, pleasd keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth". Well either he didnt feel the need or he's busy shutting some else up, cuz it didnt help.....will post soon.

            Day 1 Team Gorman Experiment Plan! GETCHA SUM FOLKS!!!! This is yours, take advantage of every single day, every meal, and every workout. At the end of 12 weeks, if you look back and say "I couldnt have done anything better" you WILL be a different person, physically and mentally.

            Writing and finishing all the TEAM GORMAN Experiment Plans as I type this- will have them ready and to everyone by this Friday so you can send questions you have and get food over the weekend to start on Monday!

            **I wonder what experiment SKIP was running at the time?

            From a blog:

            So You Want To Be a Trainer or a Prep Coach.......

            by John Gorman

            Owner Team Gorman and NRGX Sponsored Athlete

            Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet some really cool people in this industry- people that are great at what they do with helping people lose weight, gain muscle, feel better or just get healthier. The problem is, these people are few and far between. I have let this splinter bug me for a long time, and it's time to educate people out there on why there are so many trainers and prep coaches out there that are worthless, and how to go about finding someone to fit your needs. Hell, this may actually “help” some trainers out there with a wake up call. And I don't just mean personal trainers, I mean “Prep Coaches” as well.

            Let me say this up front, I have some friends who are trainers and this may offend them, but you know what, I don't care. People's health are in their hands, they are getting paid good money, yet their clients are getting poor results. So if this offends you, tough cookies. You owe it to your clients paying you good money to get them results. And to the prep coaches out there reading this that the last half of this article applies to, I have no regrets about what I say below because if it applies to you, you are bottom of the barrel and need the wake up call.

            When it comes to personal trainers most people come to them who want to get in shape, or lose some weight, or are new to working out or have just fell off the wagon. These are the easiest folks to help out, their body is most of the time going to respond right out of the gate, putting together a solid workout plan and nutrition plan will yield great results. But when you look at trainer's client success, why is it you dont see before and after photos? Or you see the same 3 success stories they have over the last 5 years over and over again?

            Lets face it, trainers know how to put people through a workout, and that's about it. They go through all this schooling, or they get their certifications and everything looks good on paper. You know what? I get a lot of people who ask me “John I want to be a trainer, what certs should I get to start with?” My answer is usually “none” because before they walk they must crawl....I'm getting to my point here hang with me. The best experience to start with is your OWN body, your own experience through your body.

            The first thing a trainer needs to be is an example. If you see your trainer walking around carrying an extra 20-50 lbs of bodyfat (notice I said extra) and they are soft and don't look like what you wanna look like, that's your first sign. They cant even get themselves into shape, how are they going to get others into shape? I know some people harp on trainers who they see eating garbage and such, but if they look good that's one thing, if they are fat, definitely don't eat junk food in front of clients. If you workout hard and eat pretty clean and look good but eat crap sometimes, that's fine here and there we are all human and cant eat perfect all the time.

            I see people who are “trainers” all the time training clients, yet I hardly see them training themselves. And when I do, they are just going through the motions. You want to learn how to get your clients results start with yourself. Put yourself through a 12 week transformation, LEARN about yourself and apply that to your clients. Don't use your clients as your main source of learning and experience, you will learn more about the body through your own experimentation on yourself. I have put myself through every single diet, and workout plan I give to clients. And I mean EVERY type of plan that I give out. That is how I know what works and what doesn't. You will never hear me or Leslie speak up about something if we don't know through experience what works and what doesn't.

            When I used to train people 1 on 1, when I first started out the first thing I did was post my “before” photos and took pics and posted them next to each other every 4 weeks. I got a lot of clients right off the bat, because people saw what I was doing and wanted to be part of that. Was it just some sort of way to lure clients in? Not at all. I am very passionate about this, and I wanted to share what I was doing with others. Most trainers wont do that, because either they don't have to knowledge to do it, or they are scared of failure. Since then my marketing has simply been before and after pics of our clients. “Results” speak louder than words, we hardly ever post up specials or try and bring people on board, we let the pics do it for us because that's as real as it gets.

            Another thing I see all the time are trainers who are “feel good” trainers. “I just want to help people feel better and enjoy fitness”. Well guess what, it feels good to lose fat and get healthier. Stop putting your people through “feel good” workouts you see online, kick their butts in a good way, make them push. All these foo-foo type training routines just make me scoff because people look the same a year later. PUSH your clients within their potential. Not anyone else's potential, THEIR potential. If they are cry-babies but you are not pushing them, finish your time with them and kindly replace them with people who want to lose fat and are serious. Money isn't the most important thing, getting clients results are because they are your walking soundboards for people to see.

            If you see any of the above in a personal trainer, stay away. If they don't simply have client results, look good themselves, or do it seriously for a living, you are better off not wasting your money with them.

            Now, Prep Coaches are really the most dangerous people in our industry, people that do what I do myself. And it's really becoming scary just how much athletes are wrecking their bodies with these prep coaches. You always hear “bodybuilding is so unhealthy!” no it's not folks, it's people who don't know what in the F%^& they are doing that's the problem. You know, the prep guy who's dieting people on super low calories, or super low carbs, with minimal to no refeed to support metab. Or the prep guy who has his clients doing 2 hours of cardio a day for 12-16 weeks straight, and when they don't respond they get their cals dropped again and again. Or that prep guy who is having his clients do straight keto at 16 weeks out, or even protein only days saying “get your carbs from veggies” lol. And then the client rebounds so hard off dieting that they cant stop fat gain and even worse, cant diet later down the road.

            How bout some more, tell me if you've seen or heard some more of these. You're not losing any fat, but the plan is just to “stick to it, you'll break the plateau”. How about working out MORE to break the plateau? Maybe boil your chicken in distilled water and use no salt! LOL, you'd be surprised how much this is happening. And you know who's the worst when it comes to this? Yup, the prep coaches in the NANBF and WNBF playing fields, natty prep coaches are the worst. Yes there are some horrible prep coaches out there that aren't natty but I am getting way more natty competitors who are all sorts of jacked up coming from some really big names in our industry. Dr. so and so, hell even some people very high up in both organizations. Which brings up another situation......

            There are people very high up in the NPC, NANBF and WNBF that do contest prep, for a living. People will hire these people because they are well known but also with the idea that they may place “higher” due to politics. Being known isn't a bad thing, and it is what it is. The problem is a lot of these people are screwing up their clients so bad and using their positions to fool people into thing they actually have a clue about how to diet an athlete! You know who the hell you are as you read this, I have some of your clients as they come to me after some of you dieted then to such extremes they are now on thyroid meds, or worse. People who know me, know money means anything to me, money is not as important as someones health and you could learn something from that. MAN UP and go back to the drawing board, you all are NOT helping people. And your clients are worried bout saying anything to you because some of you are “well known” or in positions of leadership. Well guess what, clients shouldn't feel bad about saying anything to you because after working with you all once or twice they cant ever diet again anyways!

            I have this client from Iowa, great gal. She dieted for a show last year and looked amazing. When it came time to go offseason, her “prep coach” told her “just keep your calories and diet the same as they are now, don't change anything, keep your cardio in and you'll stay lean and grow”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Of course she followed his instructions, DID gain fat because her metab never recovered, and the first 8 weeks we have been struggling to get her to lose weight again. Finally after getting her to take a week off cardio and having her eat more her metab is responding, but she's one of the fortunate ones because this is all too common and most of the people coming to me I cant get to lose fat again for a show, so we have to do a year plan to fix metab with hopes that someday they can diet again. My point- go back to the drawing board and LEARN about how to do this!

            Now I am not the “expert” or the final say in any of this, I've made my mistakes and I have owned up to them and done my best to fix them, either keeping people on board for free or doing whatever I can to fix the situation because ultimately WE as prep coaches are responsible for people health. Sometimes things happen and you learn from them, but these prep coaches don't learn from messing others bodies up, and the other problem is they don't know enough to begin with.

            This is what every athlete should look for when looking for a prep-coach in my opinion. Talk to their past and present Clients. Do they have success stories? Do they do this for a living or part time? Will they answer all your questions in detail, or just interested in bringing you on board first, answer questions later? What's their track record? Don't be fooled by IFPA pros, WNBF pros or even IFBB pros, just because they are pro's don't think they know how to diet other people. And don't be fooled by people in leadership positions thinking because they are in charge of some things in the bodybuilding world or organizations that they know how to take care of your body. Some out there are great, a LOT of them out there are terrible. Buyer, beware."

            **Funny you wrote that article, no actually ironic! Where does it mention how you rip off other "Prep Coaches" or "Trainers"?**
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              Wow, how ironic? Oh and oh my the prices, coincidence?

              New TEAM GORMAN Refeed Experiment
              .by John Gorman on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 10:09am.In of our last experiment done in the Summer we proved that 3-4 meals a day versus 6 meals a day did NOTHING to alter fat loss, as a matter of fact some lost even better eating the same amount of calories in 3 meals a day instead of 6. Out of the 18 participants we had, the average weight lost a week was 3 lbs, and we even had clients reach into the 30-50 lbs lost category in just 3 months! It was a very successful experiment, and I am sure this one will be even better.

              Most of you that follow Team Gorman know that we are known for our “Refeeds” and how dieting while utilizing them makes losing weight/fat so much more enjoyable when you get to eat this stuff each week for hours and hours. The Experiment I want to run will CHANGE the refeed, making it much more suited to each persons insulin sensitivity and how it changes as the refeed goes on. Now, this doesnt mean you will eat less, it will actually probably have you eating MORE on refeed day I will go into detail on the plans I send you that

              I have my own theories on why this will work, and work WELL and be way easier for someone to lose weight on versus our traditional refeed we utilize. I know we have gotten people some amazing results with our standard refeed and we are proud of that, but it's time we made our plans even better for you all this year and in the future. You will be the ones helping not just us and future clients, but yourselves as you will be improving your overall look with this plan.

              So here is what I am after, I am looking for 12 and 12 ONLY- VERY motivated people who need to lose bodyfat or gain muscle, doesnt matter if you are 350 lbs or 110 lbs, male or female, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, I dont care because your plan will be specifically set up for you and your schedule, and to meet your fat loss goal or muscle gaining goal we set up for you specifically. It's first come first serve, once I get 12 I will be closing this down and starting everyone up on Monday Jan 30th.

              This will be 12 weeks long, but it will only be a fraction of the cost of a normal 12 week plan. Instead of $400, this will only run $250. Now, there is a reason for that. 1. it will not be like a normal 12 week plan where we email back and forth every day and you send weight every day, that wouldnt be fair to my normal 12 week folks. You will however be required to keep track of your weight, and email me at the end of every week on a Thursday so I can look at your plan and make changes if necessary for the next week. So you will email me to update me on Thursdays with your weight chart I send you. You will also be able to email any questions you like during this time frame in regards to your plan I set up for you. 2. This is an experiment, and though I have a very high expectation that you will get a LOT of fat off you or gain muscle in 12 weeks, there is a slim chance this may not be the plan for you. IF that is the case, I will gladly revamp your plan when we decide it's the case and make you a diet plan to get you where you want to be.

              You will also get a personalized workout plan for the gym or home you will be training out of, and a refeed schedule to tell you how to load up on large amounts of carbs once a week that we are well known for. You will also have 2 diet plans, a training day diet and an off day diet to go along with your once a week carb load/refeed plan. I will also lay out the complete supplement plan if you need one.

              Basically this will be a 12 week plan set up specifically for you and your schedule, food likes, limitations, injuries, etc etc. It's not just a cookie cutter plan, I would never do that. I think this will be a very very big hit just like our prior experiment, and will most likely change the way I diet our folks in the future.

              If you want to be part of this experiment, I need you to email me at [email protected] and in the subject field put “Team Gorman Experiment” and I will answer all emails each day as they come and we fill the slots. Last experiment filled up in 3 days, so if you really are sure dont hesitate on sending the email. Once I receive the email I will send you out a questionnaire to fill out to gather your info, when you can train, what you like to eat, your stats, everything so I can set up a detailed plan just for you.

              You can either make payment through an electronic invoice I can send you or by check through the mail though check through the mail doesnt lock your spot down until I receive the check and get it cashed. Just let us know which option works best for you.

              Please let me know what questions you have!

              John Gorman

              Owner, Team Gorman

              417 327 6565

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                Team Salado:

                Join the winning team!
                Lee Salado, E.P.A.S.


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                  One Last Thing

                  We get SHREDDED eating Pop Tarts and Pancakes on the weekends, and Peanut Butter during the week........

                  I am the owner of TEAM GORMAN, a physique transformation business that works with people from all over the United States. I have a BS in Sports Mngt from SBU, and am 2 classes away from my Masters in Management and Leadership with Webster University. I love to help people transform their bodies, and love to see lives changed through fitness.

                  **Wow, heard that line before too! Where does it say you learned how to steal ideas from others? I hope Webster isn't teaching that.**
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                    Oh dear...
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                      Oh my days, what an ASS!!!

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                        Wow, look at that.....Team Gorman stopped posting....I wonder why?

                        "SIMPLICITY, CONSISTENCY, INTENSITY"


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                          Daaaaaamn. I had no clue.
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                            For those of you reading this thread, some of you know me, some don't, those that do know this is not typical behavior for me. But when you run your mouth to a point, trying put someone down, you are getting called out. It's YOUR fault not mine, I said what others are thinking. I'm not high up on myself but I'll be damned if I let you get away this crap without calling you out.

                            I'm almost 100% sure I speak for IM when I say you're not welcome here. Feel free to defend yourself if possible then go away and don't come back
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                              Originally posted by DCBliever View Post
                              **Wow, heard that line before too! Where does it say you learned how to steal ideas from others? I hope Webster isn't teaching that.**
                              I have a Masters from Webster University...I dont recall that in the curriculum. But, it has been a while.

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