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  • New Addition to the IM Team

    With everything going on around here and our goals for 2012, I thought it would be a good idea to add one more member to the IM Team to be sure that things are tended to and kept up around here. With me being so busy these days with client work and other aspects of my business, this is a blessing for me.

    Please help me welcome Steel1970 to the IM Team! I have known him for awhile and I like that he is level-headed and carries himself well here at IM. I think he is a perfect fit for what I am looking for to represent the board and get things done to help the board grow in 2012.

    Welcome Steel1970!


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    Great addition to the team, congrats Steel!
    '17 USAPL Chicago Raw
    17 AAU Super Total
    '16-AAU Hi
    '15-USPA Metro
    '15-USPA State
    '15-AAU HI
    '14-AAU HI
    '14-USPA Metro
    '14-WABDL Sonny's
    '14-USPA State
    '14-HI Strongman
    '13-WABDL Sonny's
    '13-USPA State
    '13-AAU HI
    '11-USPA Metro
    '10-NPC Stingrey
    '09-NPC Islands
    '09-NPC Stingrey
    '09-ABA Islands
    '02-ABA Islands
    '02-ABA IronWorks
    '01-NPC Paradise Cup
    '01-ABA Olympia
    '01-ABA Islands
    '00-NPC Nat.Tri-State
    '00-INBF Musclefest
    '98-NGA Ill
    '98-INBF Ohio


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      I agree, nice guy, good addition.
      PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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        Nicee, congrats. Good addition

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          Congrat Mr Steel.....let's get together and have some strategically eaten burgers in celegration of your accomplishment :-)
          Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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            Yay Steel! You realize that now you get to come to the Annual IM Slumber Party don't you? It is a pretty heterosexual event, for the most part. Sammich was given a lifetime ban in 2011 for trying to snuggle with SweatMachine, so you won't have to worry about that restraining order interfering with a good time.
            2010 NPC North Star


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              Congrats Scott...
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                This means that the IM team gets to go to your place in the poconos this summer, right? You said it sleeps 8-10... That's about the right size.... just saying....
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                  Grats, man!
                  ...playing Bingo at the Senior Center :shocked:


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                    Thank you.....I will strive to rep IM well and do what I can to help improve things here (not that much improvement is needed). I'm very happy to be a part of the team here. Like I've said before, this is my home away from home.....



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                      Nice to have you on board my friend.
                      1994 Ohio Gran Prix 4th place
                      2010 Kentucky State Championships 1st place
                      2011 Northern Kentucky 4th place
                      2012 Kentucky Grand Prix 1st place
                      2014 Francois Classic 3rd place
                      2015 Francois Classic 2nd Place

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                        2014 USPA Nevada State / Regional Championships - 1,168 total

                        2014 USPA National Championships - 1,235 total

                        2014 Village Gym Meet - 1,260 total

                        2015 USPA Camp Pendleton Meet - 1,235 total



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                          Congrats Mr Steel!!
                          2005 - JABBFA Body Fitness (Figure) Championships - 4th
                          2007 - JABBFA Body Fitness (Figure) Championships - 2nd
                          2008 - INBF NYC Hercules - 1st Novice
                          2009 - INBF Barbados Universe - Open - 2nd
                          2010 - INBF Naturalmania NYC- Open - 1st Heavyweight
                          2011 - INBF World Championships - Open - 3rd


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                            Nice! Congrats steel!

                            2012 EUP's Mission Submission II
                            -1st SuperHeavy Gi
                            2012 Hayastan Grappling Challenge New York
                            -1st Heavyweight Gi
                            2011 Slippery Rock Open Collegiate Championships, 4th-Open Heavyweight, 220lbs
                            2008 NGA Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Championships, 2nd-Open Juniors, 175lbs

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