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    I have a question regarding Gemma Pea Protein and would like to see the insight the forum has:

    In the last intense muscle auction I figured I would try Gemma Pea Protein due to the relative low cost I would get it for. All of them have premium flavoring added to them, however I still cannot stand the taste. I have 20lbs of Gemma Pea Protein in multiple flavors. Would it be advisable to purchase more flavor packs to see if I can enhance the flavor? If not I will see if anyone wants to purchase the protein.

    Here is the winnings I received so the forum can see which flavors I may be able to save.

    45. Gemma Pea Protein- Premium Chocolate Peanut Butter- 2LBS- Bag

    46. Gemma Pea Protein- Premium Lemon Meringue Pie- 2 LBS- Bag

    47. Gemma Pea Protein- Premium Chocolate- 3 LBS- Bag

    48. Gemma Pea Protein- Premium Java Mocha- 3 LBS- Bag

    56. Gemma Pea Protein Non-GMO-Natural Premium Chocolate-5lb-Jug

    57. Gemma Pea Protein Non-GMO-Natural Premium Chocolate-5lb-Jug