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WBFF - World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation?

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  • WBFF - World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation?

    Has anyone competed in a WBFF sanctioned event?

    There's a show June 2nd, 2012 in Boston and it fits my time-line. It's the same venue they use for the NPC Cutler Classic and NPC New Englands. It's a great venue and I'm very familiar with the stage, etc. just not sure about the federation.

    Thanks, Chuck
    2010 NPC New England - Open & Masters Light Heavy
    2010 NPC Cutler Classic - Open & Masters Light Heavy
    2001 INBF Constitution State - Open Middleweight
    2001 INBF Natural New York State - Open Middleweight
    2000 ANBA Natural Xtravaganza - Open Middleweight
    2000 NGA New England - Open Middleweight
    1999 NABF Maine Super Natural - Open Middleweight
    1999 NABF New England Super Natural - Open Middleweight