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mp4 playback broblem for my ISOM

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  • mp4 playback broblem for my ISOM

    Hey All,

    so i recorded my ISOM for Jan and it plays back fine on the cam itself.
    but as soon as transfer it onto the pc it doesnt playback properly, its all jerkey and the sound goes out of sync.

    im not sure if this is codec related or what???

    my cam records in full HD onto a sd card (32gb) and it records as mp4 files.

    if anyone knows anything about this kind of stuff, it would be great if you could help fix this problem :-)

    why are these things never easy like it says on the tin!!!

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    is there a software you use to transfer the files over to you PC?
    -If there is one, Try to do it manually IF it's possible.
    -If there is no software. And you move the files manually, see if there is a software. Usually it comes with the hardware.
    -If you use a software to transfer, update it. (I assume you have already tried this if there is a software).

    What do you use to play the files?
    If you use anything related to Windows, use something else. Winamp, or videolan (google for download, its free. I recommend videolan aka vlan).

    Still dont work properly?
    -Play a .mp4 file from another source.
    -Working, I dont know wtf to do.
    -Not working, update all you PC's drivers


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      btw, If you download Videolan you can change playback settings so it will work properly.. just a little irritating to have to do it every time