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cutting whilst injured, thoughts?

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  • cutting whilst injured, thoughts?

    ive been injured for 7 and a 1/2 weeks now with a serratus anterior tear, in this time ive been able to do cardio (5 x 20min sessions) but no weights have been touched, ive been on a bulking diet plan aswell, my weights kinda stayed the same in this whole time but fat has DEFO risen and muscle has defo gone down, i can confirm this by the mirror and the scale weight staying pretty much the same also indicated this

    now, seein as im becoming a fat b**tard and i cant see myself training in the next few weeks as this injury is just not healing up but rather staying at 95-99% healed! ive decided to drop my cals, goin completely no direct carbs only from veg and traces with a weekly skipload, and upped my cardio to 5 x 30mins with a weekly adjustment if neccassary as im only planning on cutting for 4/5 weeks till my holiday on the 22nd of feb, so can up it weekly to leave me at 60min cardio sessions. i wont touch the diet as its set at a spot were i know my hunger and nutrient levels feel good

    what do ppl think about cardio only short cuts? im guessing i will lose muscle as im not stimulating it but hell im losing muscle anyway at the moment! any other thought?
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