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My once hardcore training is now pathetic

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  • My once hardcore training is now pathetic

    Hey guys,

    I used to compete in bodybuilding, and I did all the basics squats, deads, etc. Now that I'm 36 (yes, not that old), my lower back goes into spasms whenever I deadlift or squat - even with 135 lbs. Anything that loads the spine hurts it.

    I'm content with not being a bodybuilder anymore, but I still want to be strong and athletic. What are some good one-legged or bilateral exercises that minimize loading the spine?

    Right now I'm doing barbell lunges, one-legged squats, and one-legged leg press.

    Anyone got any cool exercises that I'm missing?

    Thanks guys!

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    First thing I would do is find out why your back spasms! Then take care of that. 36 is far from old, you should be starting to hit your prime! I will be 43 this march and feel I am just starting to hit my stride!
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      I agree, you need to try to get the problem fixed before you resort to working around it. Do you visit a chiropractor now?
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        CJ and Kidrock, I appreciate your input.

        LOL, actually I'm a physical therapist.

        I use all different modalities to treat it, from yoga stretches, chiropractic, acupuncture, rolfing, to extended periods of rest (which actually proves to be the most efficacious of all of them).

        After 21 years of lifting, I believe my body is telling me to explore other ways of strengthening the legs without loading the spine.

        I used to love the hip belt squat, but where I work out it's not a current viable option.


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          poke around there a bit. He is a huge fan of single leg movements and minimizing spine loading.

          Has a ton of execisises and variations of them.

          Has a few articles up on it a elitfts and tnation as well