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  • Update, and Exercise Selection Help

    So here are some updated shots. In case you don't remember, I started dieting down with Shelby Starnes about 8 weeks ago or so. Currently getting the last little bit of fat off.

    My question is, based on these pics (I know you can't see my legs, but that's cause I haven't been able to do quads for 10 weeks....they look like total shit)

    Anyway, based on these, what do I need to bring up in general? I know a good answer would be- "You need to bring up everything, you're small as shit." That's a good answer, but if it's yours, try to be more constructive please.

    I start a lean-gaining phase in about 5 weeks, and I gotta make the most of it.
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    Sick progress bro, and you already answered your own question ;-)

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      You look at least a million times better than 8 weeks ago.


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        Yea Chris, you look better already man. Great work. Keep it up.

        Yes, overall improvement is needed, obviously, but that is for EVERYONE. LOL.

        It's hard to tell since you are not super lean yet, but just from those shots I'd say keep doing what you are doing. Until you are super lean and posing a full body shot from multiple angles, it's gonna be hard to notice weak spots that could be lagging.

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          Thanks for the kind words fellas.

          Gonna keep on trucking. Bout 5 weeks left to get this fat off, and then we're full steam ahead, with part 2.
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