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    I have been thinking about this for a while and figured some folks on here would have some reliable insight. Let me preface my questions by acknowledging that these are perhaps gross oversimplifications and that there are plenty of intervening variables that could affect the answer. Be that as it may I wonder if this logic is sound.

    In the hypothetical sense let's say you have a trainee who adheres to a specific diet protocol, keeps calories & macros static, and has come to a point where they are in maintenance mode in terms of strength & body composition. Take that same trainee and say they change their eating patterns (such as for a vacation/the holidays/life circumstances/etc.), and in the process gains BF. Let's assume that they keep their strength & conditioning levels relatively intact during this period. All things equal, will going back to their former dieting protocols get them back to roughly the same body composition if given enough time? Will it get them back to the same weight?

    Would the same logic apply in the reverse where a trainee has lost lean mass and wants to make lean-ish gains back to a weight they had recently maintained?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts ladies and gents.

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    Hypothetically, less food + cardio = less of you, and more food + heavy weight = more of you. If you have several months to see progress at a snail's pace, go for it. If you want to get significantly more awesome in a significantly shorter period of time, go with what has worked forever. Just my two cents.