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quality carbs with low satiety

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  • quality carbs with low satiety

    introducing good carbs back into my diet now and i have been relying on oats. i usually pair them (1 cup raw with water and cinnamon/splenda dashes) another bowl of high protein food such as ground beef/cheese, cottage cheese/tuna/evoo. these combos make it really hard for me to down the oats and also leave me feeling pretty full for long periods of time. i figure oats are just high satiety, although convenient.

    i'm a little guy so my problems are probably small compared to you guys' problems, so what quality low satiety carbs do you eat with high volume to pack on the cals?

    candidates for me to try:
    white rice, normal pasta (durum wheat), white potatoes, white bread

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    Have you tried fruit?
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      I'll say sack up and eat.

      There's millions upon millions of people in this world who would answer your question with a big "FUCK YOU" because they haven't had meal in days. Think of that next time you feel "full".

      Seriously though, just force it down if you feel full. Any starchy carb seems to fill me up quicker. I can eat literally pounds of yams though and never bloat up.

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        Are you heating the oats or just adding water (whatever other liquid you may be using)?


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          i put 1 cup in a 7-8inch diameter bowl and fill with water until the water level hits the top of the oats. all raw, thats about it.

          strange since i just hit ihop for lunch and got their chorizo/eggs scramble with hash browns and 3 pancakes. said to be 110 + 50 carbs with maybe 20 for syrup and while i was full, i was not dying like when i was eating my P/C meals that were only 50g of carb from oats.

          could also be that menu nutrition guide was innacurate. listed as 1400 cals with 500 for 3 pancakes and 100 for syrup. damn fatty.


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            If you are a "little guy" as you describe yourself, and you're not holding too much fat or prone to gaining fat easy, IMO you wouldn't need to keep all your foods so clean. If you are really gonna throw down some food, you may hafta eat some shitty stuff just to get it all in. Alot of guys have problems eating copious amounts of clean stuff, yet can hit their needs with MOSTLY clean food with a bit of junk thrown in....def not the road to go if you are trying to get very lean, but if you are trying to add size, you may benefit from some shitty calories.....



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              For me, white rice is the easiest way to get down carbs, at least out of whole food sources.


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                Originally posted by darkguitars2000 View Post
                Have you tried fruit?
                This is also a good suggestion. I eat fruit with my shake meals. I have a few meals where my carbs are over 100g. I'll do a cup of oats (ground up in shake), a piece of fruit or two, and a crunchy granola bar.....I eat this twice a day, every day except for my Skipload day......seems to be working well for me.....



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                  Rice cakes. Look for the ones that have at least ~15g of carbs per cake (e.g. Lundberg brand)
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