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triceps sore from pressing - problem?

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  • triceps sore from pressing - problem?

    i am doing a lot of OVERHEAD pressing following 5/3/1 training, and this is the first time i noticed my triceps getting significantly sore. Is this normal or is there something wrong what i'm doing to be hitting the triceps that hard?

    shoulders (except front delts at times from benching/etc) never get sore though.

    edit: oops not clear. OVERHEAD is what i mean, not benching
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    Your tricep is a major component in the mechanics of a press. You might be getting really sore there over your chest, simply because in relation to your pecs, you might have really strong triceps.

    You have to remember that your pecs' main action is to do motions akin to a fly...not a press. (Note:Not saying presses are ineffective for hitting your chest/shoulder...we all know they are, just speaking purely in anatomical terms.) Further, realize that a press is only the extension of the elbow joint when you get down to the bare bones of it (Not focusing on the actions of the shoulder joint, as there are positional changes with that as well)....and as we all know your tricep is the primary elbow extender. makes complete sense as to why someone should feel their tricep being worked in a press.

    Now, why are your triceps so sore? Could be due to the mechanics of your lift. Do you lockout every rep with maybe a pause at the top? Do you tuck your elbows in every single rep/set (to protect your shoulders, as you should) causing more activation of your tris? Do you go full ROM every single rep, ensuring you are pressing with your pec in a stretched position, thus causing more power from your pecs and not your tris?

    Lot's of variables, but just know that most of it is mechanics, along with structure and proportion of the indivudal (leverages and all that).

    So to answer your question simply; yes it's normal, and is probably a good indication that your triceps overpower your chest in presses...which is also normal in novice-intermediate lifters due to not knowing how to truly "press form the chest".

    NOTE: That entire post is based on you talking about chest presses...not shoulder presses, however, the principle is the same. Actually, in shoulder presses I'd be surprised if your triceps ever felt like they were NOT worked.
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