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Supplementing electrolytes

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  • Supplementing electrolytes

    Do any of you guys supplement electrolytes around you workouts? I ask because everyone talks about protein/carbs/creatine around workout sessions, but no one discusses electrolytes. Every other type of athlete drinks gatorade/powerade around training sessions and practices. Should we? Do we get enough electrolytes in a proper diet, and what kind of diet would ensure proper levels of electrolytes for weight training athletes?

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    From what I understand (I could be off), resistance training sessions do not typically last long enough to have to worry about electrolyte supplementation. The electrolyte most people lose the most of course is sodium through evaporation of sweat as well as some calcium. It takes a very long duration at a pretty high intensity to lose any significant amounts of potassium or anything to specifically supplement with electrolyte solution, from what I understand. I think as long as your diet is in check, you needn't worry. Of course, having an intra-workout drink (ie Powdered Muscle) should solve the problem if you are worried about it.

    I'm sure someone like Homon with extensive physiological knowledge could offer some great insight.

    Good question.



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      I've noticed that supplementing with magnesium tends to lessen the muscular "shaking" that occurs after intense training sessions - but that's the only time I will directly supplement electrolytes. Unless you have an absorption problem, I would assume there woulod be plenty of sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium in the foods in your diet - given it is adequately nutritious.