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Pulled Hammy: Active Recovery Techniques?

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  • Pulled Hammy: Active Recovery Techniques?

    Hey guys, I think I'll pulled my left hamstring. I pulled both hip flexors (TFL specifically) and the symptoms feel similar. I thought I had pinched a nerve, but it got worse over the weekend. Note: college game day is rough on the body. My only guess is that this happened during my heavy pendlay rows since my hams aren't too flexible and this exercise puts them in a very stretched position. There is no visible bruising, but it is painful to stretch them and they dont like to be used like when I'm going up stairs.

    Anywho do you guys know of any good active recovery methods for healing up hamstrings? I know they are especially finicky and can plague athletes for weeks or even months if they aren't given proper healing time. I'm giving them a lot of warm compresses to try to increase blood flow. I'm avoiding pain killers since I think they'll numb the "hey dumbass stop using me" signals I'm currently getting.

    Cliffs: pulled hamstring thats gotten worse. what do I do? currently applying heat/compress.
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    Well as I'm an active release techniques practitioner I suggest going to see one of us for sure. Someone with 'Le' beside their name (lower extremity certified).

    Scar tissue begins forming from the 8 hour mark once the swelling cuts off some of the blood flow to the affected area. Consequently, the sooner you are treated the better.

    Go to and search for a practitioner 'by location'.