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  • Our new gym - Ultimate Gym & Fitness

    I have been a bit busy of late having joined the ranks of gym owners.

    I just wanted to share our latest achievement with IM members, the completion of Ultimate Gym and Fitness in our hometown of Darwin in the far north of Australia.

    The vid is taken Sunday 13 November when we put the finishing touches on our pride and joy prior to opening for business on the Monday morning at 05.30.

    I give full credit and thanks to my business partner Phil who was the vision and driving force behind this project.

    We finally have a real home to train in where we live.

    A sneak peek inside Ultimate Gym and Fitness, Darwin - Opening Monday 14 Nov 2011.
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    bro that gym is awesome!

    best of luck to you and your fam, do what you love and the money will follow.
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      First the important stuff.... Your wife looks real cute and though the sound was going in and out on me if that was your daughter... She is adorable! Oh and the gym looks great also! Best of luck bro. I don't know if you guys got the chain gyms there but I wish you all the best in a industry that is hard as hell to stay afloat in here!

      IM members.... Leave a comment and "like" the vid cause that helps how much the vids get recommended on YouTube so help the guy out!

      Again, nice looking gym, great looking family!

      Best of luck bro.
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        That's a really nice gym indeed. Congrats on the opening, and best of luck to you and your gym members!


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          Wow, your gym looks very impressive. The best part was the little girl, I'm assuming your daughter, interrupting the video shoot...that looks like a scene right outta my life! Lol. Good luck with it and have fun!



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            Wow thats huge!
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              Beautiful gym! Good luck...


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                Excellent facility! It certainly looks like you did your due diligence to put together a first class gym. All the best!

                To reiterate what Dunhill said, please hit "like" in YouTube to help promote the gym and improve the search ratings.
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                  Thanks for the positive feedback, I should have clarified, the dude taking the vid is my friend and business partner Phil (his wife and daughter too). My missus and kids are in there too but in the background.
                  "Beneath all suffering.........lies the beauty of opportunity"


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                    Originally posted by thedunhill225 View Post
                    I don't know if you guys got the chain gyms there but I wish you all the best in a industry that is hard as hell to stay afloat in here!
                    Yeah, we have the chain gyms here, Fitness First being the biggest. None of them have managed to get a footprint down in our city yet so now we have beat them to it with a 100% independant family owned gym.

                    Hopefully that keeps them at bay for a while yet.

                    "Beneath all suffering.........lies the beauty of opportunity"


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                      Looks great! Might need some shades with all that yellow, haha. With a facility like that you shouldn't have any problems keeping your clients happy and loyal.
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                        Dude in Brissy we got Fitness First and Health Works and as you would already know, you beat the snot out of them. If I go to the NT for hunting next yr I will come in for a workout.
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                          dude, that gym is sweet!!! Congrats and I wish you great success.


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                            Cool gym. Congrats! I'd like to add your gym to the Competitor-Friendly gym list on my site.

                            Do you have a website for the gym?


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                              Looks incredible!
                              PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.