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    Got word from Steve Downs of MHP that Ironman has approved my column for at least a year. That's all the details for now.

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    Congrats Shawn!


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      dude awesome news!
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        Of the mags, ironman has always been my favorite. Congrats and good luck.


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          very cool
          PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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            Congrads and well deserved you always post a wealth of great information!
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            I just kinda feel if the weight wasn't so heavy, I could lift it:
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              Can't wait to see it. Not that we didn't know what a resource Shawn is, but this is just another example of the caliber of individual on this site.
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                Congrats, Shawn!


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                  SWEEEET!!! Congrats Shawn!!
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                    Congrats Shawn!
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                      Hot Damn! Congrats Shawn!
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                        Originally posted by Shawn "Future" Bellon View Post
                        Got word from Steve Downs of MHP that Ironman has approved my column for at least a year. That's all the details for now.

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                          You are definately one of the guys in here that I pay attention to, when you post. Congratulations.


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                            Great news... Good to know...


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                              Congrat's Shawn! (Sounds like you're back with MHP, too?...)

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                              The Book Has Arrived!

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