curious Hurt my shoulder or my terres major-minor tie in...

Woke up about 3 weeks ago and shoulder was killing me! the day before worked back and did rear delts on pec deck-nothing happened so to say that i hurt my shoulder then next morning whole shoulder was killing me BUT i caught the beginning stage of hand mouth foot disease from my kid, fever-wrote it off as fever and sore muscle-pain achiness lasted about 3-4 days let up over all but sore still. I also took 7 days off from training.

Well since back to training no strength at all when trying chest press shoulder cannot push after 135lb Now no real pain, full range of motion, went Chiropra ctor and had rotator cuff test strong in all directions-no pain!

just cannot push off chest??? I am weaker in shoulder pressing movements but not like chest movements........side/front dumbell raises no issues at all???

Just curious if anyone ever hurt-tore rotator cuff and have full range motion with no pain?