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  • Dealing with stress

    Hey there,

    Had a very stressful weekend for personal reasons. Just wondering how you guys deal with stress? Do you eat in a particular way, take a break from lifting, or take any supplements to help your body cope?

    My first goal of course is to lower my stress. My body seems to take a looong time to do this no matter what I do. I don't get highly stressed very often, but when I do it lasts for a couple days or so. I've been trying to eat at maintenance so I'm not losing muscle or gaining fat.

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    Personally, I take a step back from everything and reflect on what is going on around me and why it is making me feel a particular way. I try to understand the forces at work and make a plan to address the things I can change and learn more about the things I can't so I can deal with them more effectively. I find peace in daily personal reflection and meditation, which has been a huge help for me being in a high stress position.

    As for changing my training and nutrition, training is my release and knowing that I have to beat my log book gives me motivation that carries over into other areas of my life. Training allows me to step out of the "real world" for a little while and live in the world iron, chalk and blood before stepping back into reality, only now I feel more accomplished and empowered to take on new challenges. My nutrition is consistent, I like being regimented because it simplifies my daily routine, plus I tend to not be an emotional eater. Just be mindful of yourself, your goals and why you feel the way the way do and break large problem into small pieces and tackle each one in order of priority.

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      When I get stressed out, it is usually work related. I take a step back, look at the picture of my 3 children that's on my desk, and think to myself no matter how tough my day is going I have three big hugs waiting for me at home.

      Just keep pushing along, do everything to best of your ability and I'm sure everything will work out just fine! Hope all works out for you Z.F.
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        Stress ? with business life in this economy is something that I go to sleep with and wake up to. the way I deal with it is lifting weights.
        if you go hard it has the same function like meditation. you do not think on anything else but moving that bar , or moving yourself . I think that that is one of the biggest reasons and benefits of training , for me.
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          Ah stress sucks ass man,'s something we've all got on some level. I really used to stress about things until I started really focusing on the big picture. I used to stress about weight loss, the scale, weights, but damn it took me forever to get to this point bro. Just taking it all off and realizing what I CAN and CAN'T control, that's the big thing man, knowing what you can and cannot handle/change. And like Dave said, if I'm feeling a bit wound up, just take it out on the bar.
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            I lift weights. Seriously. Nothing more, lifting is the best stress reliever I have. Don't have to worry about jack shit other than hitting a PR.
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              Like these guys, gym is zen and I can get away for a while. Just go in with the mindset I'm going to kick the crap out of it. It feels heavy I lift it.
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                You guys are right, I went in and did a heavy DL session and that really helped to "snap" me out of the stress vortex.

                Mark you're right on the money. I try my hardest not to stress about things that are out of my control, but if I get to the point where I'm heavily stressed out its like all my thoughts are 100% dedicated to solving the problem, and I'm miserable until my brain decides that the issue maybe isn't so critical after all. This inescapable negative thought pattern is the worst part of it for me.

                I think that's why the gym is so great as stress relief, its a great distraction and lets you focus on one simple thing: get that weight up! Not to mention the bonus chemical high you feel afterwards


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                  Everyone handles stress differently and its not surprising to get "lifting" as the most common way to relieve stress when you're on a bodybuilding site, lol.

                  Taking 10-15 minutes to just lay down and count your breaths helps some people, worth a try.

                  How you handle things that happen to you during everyday life is another thing you can control. I don't know exact whats stressing you out, but a common example is if your driving and someone cuts you off or is driving like a maniac, think of how that could be some guy trying to get his wife to the hospital or something. You can apply that to lots of situations.

                  Another thing is a change in music or things you surround yourself with. I have a theory that people who listen to negative music or music with too much energy (heavy metal) ALL THE TIME can get strung out sometimes. It happens to me.

                  edit: for the can and cant control thing, x2


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                    Weights for sure...also a good cardio session helps clear my mind a lot.30 minutes of mind numbing tunes and cardio till exhaustion helps me straighten out the crazy thoughts.

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                      Bump. I'd definitely like to hear about any herbal or other supplements you guys take to lower the feeling of stress.

                      Most of my stress comes from too little sleep. The worst is that numb head feeling I get that goes along with my inability to concentrate all day.
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                        I try to focus on controlling my feelings when I first recognize something is getting me fired up.Remember you are in control, if it is needed remove yourself from the stress causing situation for 5-10 min. If I am feeling chronically stressed, working out and sleepy time tea always work well for me. Sitting or lying alone in total silence for 5-10 min also does wonders for me if I am feeling a little wound up.


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                          I don't know about others, but i used some meditation techniques a while back that were...well...interesting. taking 10 minutes or so to relax and breathe deeply in a quiet environment really helps.

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                          …Time is so precious….and you need to ask yourself, what are you going to do today but more importantly, you need to ask yourself – how are you going to do it?


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                            "Everybody's got problems." is what my grandma would tell me. The more you realize everyone else has some sort of stress, the less I feel depressed about my situation, lol.

                            Life goes on. I like to reminisce and sometimes write down certain experiences or situations that brought me happiness and meditate on those. If they happened before, they will happen again. Assuming you don't die before then, heh.
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