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Bodybuilding Bible...Thoughts?

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  • Bodybuilding Bible...Thoughts?

    So i was cruising the internet and found this posted on T-Nation. To me it looks like a solid way to train, but what are your thoughts? Have you trained this way before? Would you recommend something like this to an intermediate?

    Also what body part split would you use? Frequency?

    Thanks, just looking to pick your brains!

    I wrote this bible about 4 times on this board over the course of a few years. I've copied and pasted it here because...

    ... I'm daring, maybe even double or triple or quadruple daring, and urging all on this board--newjacks, T-tards, begginers, veterans, armchair experts, editors, writers--to offer anything else useful for getting as big as possible!

    We will now have a thread in which we can put an end to the utter ridiculousness that is running wild on this board - the utter insanity of thinking, speaking of, and doing the dumbest shit ever to infect ALL of physical culture. I've limited it to bodybuilding here because of the subject at hand and this is the bodybuilding forum. I do recognize that this virus of stupidity and intellectual weakness has infected ALL of the strength training world - not just bodybuilding, but personal training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and even the whole regular "keeping in shape" crowd (a group I respect as well).

    Give it up, chumps!

    > Frequency: 1 to 2 times per week per muscle group.
    > Body split up over 3 to 6 sessions, depending on frequency and number of muscles trainer per session.
    > 2 to 3 muscles trained at each session.
    > Sets and reps: Warm up and ramp up to 1 to 2 all-out blast sets of 6 to 15 reps - depending on what you grow best from.
    > 2 to 4 exercises per muscle group, including both compound and isolation exercises. Large muscles usually get 2 compound and 1 or 2 isolation exercises and small ones usually get 1 or 2 compound exercises and 1 or 2 isolation exercises.
    > STEADY-STATE Cardio as need for in- and off-season for 20 to 60 minutes. YEAH, that's right - NO fucking intervals, kettlebell complexes, sandbag hauling, or anything else that 240+ pound bodybuilders NEVER do!