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    Was just running through some things for the past few days, been in one of those moods, can't lift, too damn sick with a sinus infection and feel drained, but...feeling better so tomorrow gonna give it a shot.

    We all know we have to have a path in mind, an end goal in mind to push ourselves. If we just go in to the gym for the hell of it, we don't always push ourselves like we should. So, I wanted to start a thread on motivation, and what motivates you to get up off your ass, and do work. What really gets your blood pumping, and for those struggling, what made you turn things around and set your feet on the right track?

    I'll start:
    For me, it's been several things in my life that have happened that made me really turn things around. It started back in high school. I played football 3 years, made varsity my sophomore year and stayed there until I graduated. Was always a very large kid. After graduation I kept the appetite and everything, just stopped the 2 a-day workouts, etc. Graduated in 2003 at 340lbs. In 2007, I stepped on a freight scale at work and saw 464. I re-calibrated the scale and it still read...464 pounds. I've dropped 160 pounds and still dropping. My mother passed away in March, factors: She was over 450lbs her entire adult life, she had type 2 diabetes, she had congestive heart failure, she had kidney failure, and horrible knees, always in pain. It was hard seeing her all of her adult life, and in her, I saw my future. It's a sad realization that you're setting yourself up on the same exact path as your mother. My brother, 36, passed away in August at over 330 pounds. He gained so much weight, his knees and everything were hurting so bad he started taking pain killer, mixed with alcohol, likely. So, weight was a factor, again. My oldest brother, over 400 pounds at this time, has struggled with weight, knee problems, venous stasis wounds. Luckily, he's doing better with weight, and getting on the right track.

    Fast forward to right now, I've always had a dream of becoming a cop. I'm knocking on that door right now. I work for a local department, got my foot in the door and have been doing pretty well there. I've got a lot of brass telling me I won't have any issues getting on to patrol, so long as I continue busting my ass and pass the PT test, which is an obstacle course. I have 3 step sons who have a piece of shit for a father, and it's my responsibility to show them how to succeed and progress. Even their fathers mom told me that their father isn't going to teach them anything they need, and I need to do everything I can. My motivation is my mothers pain, my older brothers untimely passing, and my oldest brothers situation. I feel like if I do this, take better care of myself and kick ass here, he'll see that as motivation to get off his ass and get things going for his self. We all face adversities in life, it's about how we overcome things that really sets us apart from those who settle for 2nd place, and those who set themselves above the rest and start kicking ass instead of sitting on the sidelines. I hope this thread isn't just a shit hole that doesn't spark anything. I hope you guys will share your stories and what really motivates you guys to get moving and change things. Maybe someone will stumble across this who's having a shitty day, or needs a spark to get moving.
    …Time is so precious….and you need to ask yourself, what are you going to do today but more importantly, you need to ask yourself – how are you going to do it?

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    thanks for sharing that Mark, I've been following for a few years and still think you're one of the more impressive dudes I know
    "Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. Its the will to prepare to win." Bear Bryant

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      Good luck on your journey to become a cop man, very admirable career choice.....For me my motivation was losing my job in 2009 due to drug usage, i was 20 years old and dumb.....thought i was invincible...came close to losing my life a couple times car accidents..when i lost my job i quit the drugs finally and began to focus on lifting. It was my way to get away from it all and put my mind on making myself better instead of continuing down that road....Now i have a better paying job,wife, 2 beautiful step girls, and my first one on the way!!!