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Standing calve riases bruises solution

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  • Standing calve riases bruises solution

    I am starting to go heavy on the standing calve raises and I get some deep purple bruises on my shoulders. Does anyone have any solutions?

    I thought about going to wal mart and buying a foam and cutting it and just wondering if there are any better options any one at Im does?
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    Are you using the barbell or calf machine. Only thing I could think of with a barbell is either the foam or a towel.
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      Leave them, rock them with pride.

      Wait are you getting them from barbells or the standing calf machine? If it's the standing calf, you're probably wearing a t-shirt or something and the fabric is causing the bruises. Wear a sleeveless or muscle t where it's just your skin contacting the pad. VOILA.
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        Put some arnica cream on it.

        Aside from being great for bringing down bruises, arnica kicks ass for any muscle pain (including dead legs). If anyone suffers from bad DOMS in a particular muscle, trust me, rub arnica on it PWO and next day it should feel fine... or at least infinitely better.