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Developing the Mind to Muscle Connection

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  • Developing the Mind to Muscle Connection

    Would soooo love if this could be a round table discussion topic...

    Any hows, short of genetics how did YOU gain/develop your mind to muscle connection in ur various body parts?
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    I for one have had great success with squeezing my biceps with my opposite hand while flexing...

    Just flex your bicep in front of you, use your free hand to squeeze the bicep at about 50% of maximum strength and then repeat on the other side (or not if you have an imbalance)

    Doing this after a few warmup sets and before my working sets really helps with improving mind-muscle connection during the working but also long term too... now I don't need to rely on this method much anymore...


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      Certain bodyparts are obviously much easier to develop a connection, than others. Not sure if you compete at all but I found that after learning how to pose and continuing to practice posing , it gave me a much better mind to muscle connection in my workouts.
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