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  • Tore my pec...

    Last saturday I competed in the 2nd Annual Team Metro Push/Pull. On my final bench attempt I tore my right pec. MRI showed a clean tear across the tendon and surgery is scheduled for tuesday morning.

    In retrospect I did SEVERAL things contributing to the injury:
    1- 4 days before the meet i was 212lbs but signed up to lift in the 198's,the day of the weigh-in i was 207lbs at 7pm i made the 198 weigh-in. I had my last meal thursday night and didnt eat or drink all day friday until after the weigh-in. I also made use of steam rooms and saunas to dehydrate the sh** out of my self.
    2-i took off about 3 months from any kind of exercise and started training again in May. Once i started eating and training again my body just soaked it up and i gained a ton of size/strength real fast....i didnt give myself any time to consolidate the gains.
    3-i decided to do the meet 4 weeks before it was scheduled....

    i realize that the rehab from pec repair and is long and arduous. I feel bad for the inconvenience it will put my family thru..including a trip the big island we had scheduled for next wednesday-saturday. we cancelled.

    if anybody has had this surgery feel free to offer your perspective
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    No perspective just well wishes for a speedy recovery.
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      That sucks! Well wishes here as well.

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        Good luck. Had a similar problem but never got the surgery for it.
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          Best of luck

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            Sorry to hear.
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              Really sorry to hear that man, keep your head up.


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                Tough break Trucelt. Good luck with your recovery.


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                  Hang in there man. Since December of '09 I've had 3 shoulder surgeries due to tears, the last this past Feb. I am now back to hitting it consistent and hard at the gym. Just be patient and follow the rehab plan.
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                    Sorry to hear that man.. Get that doc to prescribe some gh for a speedier recovery. I've actually had quite a few guys coming in my store lately telling me that their doctor has given them a script for GH post surgery.
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                      That sucks man. Hope the surgery and recovery goes well. Besides the tear, how did the meet go? Enjoy rehabbing on the couch watching the bears.
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                        Hope for a speedy recovery and more than likely it was also contributed to by overuse also. Get well my friend
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                          You tore your pec, but, do I read that correctly in your signature? You won your class? 2011-USPL Metro 1st Raw 198

                          Sorry to hear about the tear, T. Hope the surgery goes well and you can move on to recovering quickly.

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                            Sorry to hear that bad news...hopefully you get a great repair and have a speedy and effective recovery....

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                              Best wishes man. Hope your back at it soon.
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