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Pulled groin/ pain from groin to inner part of knee

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  • Pulled groin/ pain from groin to inner part of knee

    I started having a pain in my groin that goes all the way down my thigh to the inner side of my knee. I have tried stretching but hasn't helped. If you pull your groin, does it hurt all the way to the knee? What could I have done and what can I do to make it better?

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    rest, ice, compression, elevation... avoid exercises which aggravate it, wait til your pain free then start taking it through ranges of motion while slowly adding weight back in (basic rehab)
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      Don't forget NSAIDs for pain and inflammation.
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        I pulled my groin and it was because I was doing a widowmaker on a leg press machine and trying to explode out of the hole on the last rep.

        took 2-3 months of rehab and 2 months of a slow build up on the squat machine.

        You have to use the crap out of the adductor machine and if you really have to get your squat on then you have to turn your toes on your squat stance from being slightly open (activated adductors) to slightly closed and use 3/4 weight and only go down to parallel or slightly above.

        I dont go down past parallel on squats and my adductors feel better then before.
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          I pulled my groin back in January and its still not 100%. I had a few setbacks during this time, even though I didn't train my legs for almost 2 months. Groin injuries are slow to heal up and seem to be easy to re-aggravate...mine seems to be recurring in that it gets aggravated and then goes away, etc. I am gonna get checked for a hernia down there as well. It was ruled out in January, but I wanna be sure for now...



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            Yea, it is slowly starting to get back to normal. I have been icing and heating. I have found that wrapping it helps. I'm supposed to be playing on a flag football team this sunday so I'm wanting to make sure i can move.


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              Yeah, I thought I was healing up after a month, then a normal play in baseball and I popped it worse than ever. I hope your ok, I wouldn't recommend playing flag football...too much weaving and turning.
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                LOL-I did the same thing playing basketball with my kids about 4 months is finally starting to let up, luckily it doesn t bother me doing anything but leg presses, its not real bad on those, but same thing from groin down to almost my knee on the inside
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                  Would doing cardio on the treadmill cause a groin pull to heal slower? It feels like I need to stretch my adductors badly, but I read somewhere on the board that too much stretching is bad for it.