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I need help with gluteus medius pain/injury.

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  • I need help with gluteus medius pain/injury.

    Okay, during my last DC blast, I tweaked what I believe is my gluteus medius attempting a 700 lb rack pull. The pain start immediately when I pulled, and I ended up not doing much more than bending the bar. My ego was what injured me here.

    Anyways, that was towards the end of my blast, so I finished it out and took a 12 day cruise. I am now a week into my current blast.

    Basically, I had 4 weeks of doing nothing that hurt it.

    Tuesday I went to a Chiro and he did some Active Release Technique on it. It made me want to cry, but it seemingly fixed the issue. I even tried dead lifting on this contraption he had in his office that replicated weight training. No pain, at all.

    I also have been doing DeFranco's Agile 8 since the Chiro visit.

    Well, yesterday it was time to back squat. I did the Agile 8 and warmed up plenty. I worked up to 405 x 7, with little to no pain. There is no pain during the squat, but after it would be pumped/tired.

    Then I moved to 275 x 20. I got all 20 just fine. Laid on the floor and caught my breath as usual. But then, the pain was immense. I believe the pump made it even worse. I came home and took some Ibuprofen and laid on an ice pack. Tried to roll it with a tennis ball, and it was too painful to bear.

    This morning it is sore to bend over or press on it.

    Any ideas on what else I should do?