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Looking for new sponsors here at IM

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  • Looking for new sponsors here at IM

    I am specifically looking for sponsors that have things like training gear or workout apparel or things of that nature. I much prefer mom and pop type set ups as opposed to larger companies like GASP, etc.. I am not terribly interested in affiliate programs.

    If you know of anyone that might be interested in sponsoring, please have them contact me at: [email protected]. Sponsor fees are reasonable and we would pay YOU a finder's fee for bringing in a sponsor.

    I will not allow research company sponsors, though. Pro-hormone supps are fine but not companies that sell grey area supps like t3, clen, etc..


    Facebook: Skip Hill
    Instagram: @intensemuscle
    YouTube: TEAMSKIP
    TikTok: @intensemuscle

    For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

    Use discount code "SKIP" and get your TEAM SKIP protein here:

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    I'll send you a PM. One of my sponsor companies might be interested.
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