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Changing routine when cutting

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  • Changing routine when cutting

    1) Basically i've been shedding weight for 8-10 weeks. I've also been following the same training for this duration. Anyway, i'm down to maybe 11.5% or 12% BF, and my lifts are slowly stalling. I feel, however, that they are stalling simply because I over-used them. I still feel that I can keep progressing in strength even though i'm in a calorie deficit. I'm very tempted to switch around the few exercises that are stalling and keep the ones that still feel like I can push them further. I know everyone usually agree to say that while cutting you MUST keep the weight on the bar, even if the reps slightly drop. I just feel like i'm not lean enough to be losing strength. Do some of you change your training in the middle/end of a cutting cycle? I might keep cutting for another 4 weeks or so. After that, even if I haven't attained my goal, i'll go back to maintenance cals for at least two weeks. I'm not prepping for a show or anything, i'm just trying to see how lean I can get without sacrificing LBM. So either I keep the same exercises to end the cutting phase, or switch them and hopefully progress on the new ones. I would simply vary my platform DL to rack pulls, pull-downs to rack-chins, stuff like that.

    2) That lead me to a second question. Is there a right way to stop dieting and go back to maintenance cals? I've been pretty agressive lately with very little carbs during the week, very low cals and a big refeed on sundays. I am planning how to approach the switch. My plan is pretty much to SLOWLY re-introduce carbs/cals in my diet. I used to eat 3300-4000 cals, and i'm down to 2100. I'll probably bump that to like 2500 from carbs for two weeks, then to 2800 for two weeks, till I hit 3000 or so, and then reassess from there.

    3) While i'm started I might as well keep asking for advice. I could use some advice from more experienced skip-loaders. Two refeeds ago, I weighed 204 on saturday, re-feeded all sunday long and got up to 210 the next monday morning. For my last re-feed, which I felt like I needed a bigger one, I nailed 300-400g carbs right before going to bed on saturday, and kept going all sunday long (probably 1000-1200 carbs on sunday). I weighed 202 on sat. morning and got up to 214 this morning. To me, that sounds perfect. It seems like all the extra carbs went to fill me up. I'm thinking about going pretty agressively for my next re-feed, probably the same strategy actually, starting before bed on sat. night again. Does the weight variation looks right to you? I'm thinking the more weight I can pile during my refeed, the more I actually needed it. I tend to believe that the less weight you put on when you re-feed, the more it tends to go into the fat stores? I remember reading someone on mention something along those lines. Oh yeah and when I got up to 210 two weeks ago, I hit baseline on wednesday or so (204), and hit 202 on friday and was 202 on saturday too. I'll judge on how fast I baseline this week though. Hopefully i'll baseline by thursday, and get to like 200 on sat. morning. That would be sweet.

    Thanks guys.
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