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Ultrasound vs. Electrostimulation

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    Tell the therapist to do 50% pulsed at a low intensity(.08) w/cm2, and hold it directly on the trigger point for 5-7 minutes. This is very effective on upper traps spasms, the pulsed and low intensity will not burn you. Follow that with a stripping massage then ice it for 15 minutes, call me in the morning.


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      Does anyone know of a good home e-stim machine? I have a bone contusion in my right knee, and I read that e-stim was good for healing that.


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        I have an electric stim unit for my back. It's whatever the strongest kind is, I'm lazy but ill check when I go upstairs, if I remember rt it has "tens" in it cause the ins will cover it but it has several settings. I know what to set it on .... Just don't remember what it says when I do.
        It works for pain but doesn't DO anything to make anything better. It basically scrambles the pain signal so it does relieve pain BUT it doesn't "heal" anything.
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          To answer the original question of this thread: Best thing for muscle spasms in my experience is ultrasound/estim combo. You set it up so that you use one stim pad and the ultrasound head is the other half of the circuit. You turn up the intensity of the e-stim until you get a visible contraction in the area you are moving the ultrasound head over - ultrasound settings would be as determined by your clinician. This works VERY well for getting rid of spasms.

          Holding ultrasound in one spot for 5-7 minutes? Seriously?


          For the new question: You need a specific machine set up for bone healing for what you are looking for, and it is mostly used for non-union fractures. Off the top of my head I have no idea where you would get one of those without having it prescribed by a physician. Let me rephrase that - you can probably find one online... but I don't know where you would find a LEGITIMATE machine that is safe.

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          Feel free to PM me with injury questions - I'll get back to you soon as I can.


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            Great info on here.

            The electric stim on my lower back was great

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