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  • Pump and fullness Question

    so i've been slowly dieting for the last 8 weeks and lost about 12 lbs or so and i've noticed that i can't get a good pump in the gym. I've added NO products and still dont feel the pump i did when i was offseason. My diet consists of a refeed sunday with a weight gain of about 9 lbs come the next morning and actually noticed a 11 lb drop 3 days later putting me at 234. I eat 4 meals a day consiting of chicken and High fats (almonds< peanut butter, etc.) But very low carbs being the packet of oatmeal from breakfast every morning . Its kinda a keto diet, except i do have carbs in the AM and postwork consisting of waxy Maize (50 grams). And again Sunday is a refeed day. Any input would help



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    The main things I've seen that help with my pump are:

    1. Carbs
    2. Sodium
    3. Hydration.

    If I don't have all 3 of those, I'm not getting a good pump. You may try sipping on your waxy maize while you are training. I myself am dieting and have started to do this and noticed a HUGE difference. Add a bit of sea salt into that waxy maize drink and I think you'll notice a big difference.
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      I really like MG powdered muscle for that pump as well as other things. Never subscribed to the NO hype...

      Sounds like you are doing more of a TCD rather than Keto though....right?
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        I agree with Fade. Sipping on a waxy/carb/protein drink with a pinch of sea salt and maybe even some glycerol (along with a liter or more of water) right before and during the workout makes a HUGE difference! Homo Nun or Massive G had a thread with a great recipe for pre/during/post workout drink. Search it out...
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