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    I'm currently running a Keto diet, 12 day cycle with 2 day refeed. I'm curious about getting cleaner carbs in on refeed days, etc. I've read a little about high GI/low GI carbs and could use a bit more information on them. What I'm looking to do is keep my refeeds a bit cleaner. I've been loose on carb up days, eating ice cream, anything, and have still found myself weighing in good on no carb days. I am however looking to not gain so much weight on carb ups, usually gain about 10lbs on refeed days, comes off quickly, assumed water weight. Any help would be appreciated, something more towards cleaner refeeds. I am cutting out ice cream and sweets definitely, will substitute ice cream for sherbert and sugar free pop cicles.
    …Time is so precious….and you need to ask yourself, what are you going to do today but more importantly, you need to ask yourself – how are you going to do it?

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    Any particular reason for wanting " cleaner" carb ups? What are you goals.... I do think you are better of focusing more on carbs and keeping fat lower. 2 day carb up does seem a little extreme, but is it working for you. You will gain water weight with carbing up as that's the nature of the beast


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      It's definitely working for me. I feel great on low carb diets, so keto has been a God send to me. I've dropped 42lbs so far in 4 months, and strength has gone up. I guess I'm feeling a bit greedy. I'm closing in on the 200's, and I haven't been under 300 since my sophmore year in high school. I do find that when I do a 1 day carb up, I stall out on losing the 13th day of keto. So I run 12 days low carbs, 2 days carbs, and it's been working. If there's something I can fill 24 hours in, maybe just restricting carbs instead of pigging out, I'd totally do that to help keep some of the weight down after a carb up.
      …Time is so precious….and you need to ask yourself, what are you going to do today but more importantly, you need to ask yourself – how are you going to do it?


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        I think when a lot of guys talk about clean carb ups, they're referring to fat content. Tons of ice cream and cheese cake are fun, but loaded with fat which is what you want to avoid. If you were doing a large carb up meal or short window, I think you could do more of the high GI stuff like kids cereal with fat free milk, low fat pop tarts, stuff like that. If you're doing a bigger window like you are, some of that stuff is probably okay at the beginning, but you'll want to move over to lower GI stuff as you go. Just keep the fats down during your carb up, and keep your water intake up because you're going to get dehydrated because of all the fluid uptake you'll have.

        I'm no diet expert, that was just my experience and some of what I learned when I did keto.

        BTW, one of my favorite carb ups was a giant serving of cinnamon toast crunch wtih ice cold fat free milk and 2 scoops of whey. MMMMMMMMMMM
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