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2 year DC results and competition picture comparisons

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  • 2 year DC results and competition picture comparisons

    I competed last night in an NGA super pro qualifier. Winner of each class received an NGA pro card. I placed 3rd in the lightheavy. I weighed 193 right before prejudging. I compared the pictures to a show 2 years ago where I weighed 184. During that time I have been very faithful to DC blasts and cruises and am somewhat pleased with my progress. During my offseason blasts I followed Dante's principles of EAT, RECOVER, EAT, RECOVER, etc and was my highest offseason weight of 240.

    I am by no means happy with where I am at and need alot of work on my back width, thickness, upper chest, etc. I can go on and on about areas that need to improve, but I thought the below comparison pics were a good indicator in growth for the natty procard one day. Heck, I'm 27 and they gave out 60 years old+ pro cards at the show last night. Maybe in the next 33 years I can snag one.

    I apoligize for the pics. The pics from the first show are taken by a nice camera off stage. The newer pics are taken on the stage where unfortunately the lighting kind of washed us out. My conditioning is very comparable in both shows.

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to continue to learn on this site. So much great information here.

    Side Chest 09

    Side Chest 11

    Standing Relax 09

    STanding Relax 11 - i'm 2nd from left

    Side Tricep 09

    Side Tricep 11

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    Solid progress dude. Best of luck to you.
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      Thanks LG. I found a couple back pictures comparisons if anyone is interested. Still a long way to go.



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        Good stuff! how tall are you?


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          Originally posted by ZeroFries View Post
          Good stuff! how tall are you?
          I'm 6'2. Not really a very good height for bodybuilding, but owell. At least I can reach stuff on the top shelf.


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            Looking good bro. Building it up right. Keep it going.