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Thinking about giving this training a try

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  • Thinking about giving this training a try

    LOL I know I made this acount a long time ago, but I never gave this a try.

    Was thinking of trying DC style training next week. A few Questions. Is this style Athletically counter productive? I do some boxing and catch wrestling every now and then.

    I dont have a regular training partner so a lot of the chest and shoulder work might be hard.

    I could probably do a rack bench/incline bench. I could use Dumbells, but I think they would be very hard to RP with. Hammer strength incline and a chest press if I ever had to resort to machines. There is a hammer strength shoulder and a regular crappy shoulder press as well. My gym doesnt have a Smith.

    As for hamstrings there is a leg curl, and I guess I can do straight leg DL's and thats it. I usually do pullthroughs but I could probably already max out the whole stack if I were to do it DC style.

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    Considering DC probably wouldn't work too well with athletic activities (especially boxing, which is pretty demanding) and seeing as you have a serious lack of equipment, I'd say no.
    Disclaimer: I am not a DC trainee/expert/guru/coach, anything I say is purely my opinion based on experience and research I've read


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      Well I can tone down the demanding cardio. I really dont need to do the boxing workout I just like to pop in every now and then to spar a couple rounds. I want to do this by the book and see how much mass I can throw on.

      Heres what I am going to start with.

      Chest A
      DB flat bench
      B Hammer strength incline
      C Incline BB bench press

      Back Width
      A Chins
      B close grip chins
      C wide grip lat pull down

      Back thick
      A Deadlift
      B T-bar row
      C Hammer strength row

      A seated military BB press
      B Hammer strength
      C DB shoulder press.

      A Front squats
      B squats
      C leg press

      A Leg curls
      B Stiff DL
      C Feet high leg press

      A DB curl
      B preacher curl
      C ez bar curls

      A Skull crusher
      B CG Bench
      C Curl grip bench

      A Reverse BB Curl
      B Hammer curl
      C pinwheel curl