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  • (Recomposition) what would wappen if...?

    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading up on body recomposition, and wondering if its something that can be done. Having tried a cutting diet and getting really bad results Read: lost much muscle I am quite frankly scared of cutting again.

    Basically what I want to do is lose fat while keeping caloric intake at maintainance or perhaps a little above maintenance to encourage a minimal amount of muscle growth.

    Could anyone give me their ideas on what would happen if i followed this kind of thing?

    example 1:

    maintenance calories 3000 <- including calories used by weight training
    morning cardio -400
    eat those 400 calories
    net 3000

    basically what i am wondering here is what is the net effect if i add back those 400 calories. My reasoning is that the morning cardio is taking off fat, and eating those calories back is not going to automatically make them into body fat again.

    example 2:

    maintenance calories 3000 <- including calories used by weight training
    morning cardio -400
    eat 600 calories
    net 3200

    what about this?

    My (faulty?) reasoning in this second example is that the cardio will take off fat and the 200 calorie surplus is going to be directed primarily at muscle repair and growth before storing excess calories into fat.

    I feel i am wrong somewhere in my reasoning, but i need someone to help me see it. If this was so easy im sure everybody would be doing tons of cardio while eating above maintenance, and that's obviously not the case.

    So please enlighten me guys


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    I've been doing a more dramatic version of what you're describing. I'll do my morning cardio and then only eat 2 very small meals during most of the day (modified warrior diet protocol). Each meal is 25g whey, 5g BCAA, and 5g fat. So by around 2-3pm or so, I've spent a good 8 solid hours in a pretty serious fat burning mode, theoretically. I'll then consume just a huge dinner on non-training days, or during/post-workout shake and a big dinner on training days. The net result at the end of the day is that I'm right around maintenance calories, and sometimes slightly above. However, because I spend such a good chunk of the day in a calorie-depleted state and I start the day triggering fat loss with the cardio, I have been able to see some noticeable improvement in body comp.

    Having said that, I think there's only so far this sort of thing is going to take someone. In my case, I'm 6'2'', 245 lbs, about 12-13%bf. I hold fat easily, and for me to make a legitimate push to 8%bf I need drop my calories below maintenance consistently. I plan to move to a more traditional carb-cycling approach next week to make that push.


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      Last time when i was lean bulking i did similar thing with great results.I tend to gain fat very easily when i'm not doing cardio and eating even slightly above maintaince, so instead of dropping it i only changed the type of cardio activity from LISS/MISS to HIIT/HIT ,sprints ,etc when i can.In 5 months i was able to put on ~12lbs(i drop 4lbs the first week when i started dieting so 8lbs of which very little to none fat) and saw the best gains in strength in quite a while, so now i'm firm believer in cardio while trying to gain especially for people who tends to get fat easily.
      Best of luck.


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        How are you coming up with the caloric expenditure measurements and how is you diet set up? Give us a sample training and non-training day as well as the type of training you are doing.
        Trey Potter CSCS


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        Bodybuilding is stressful. The joy is seeing how incredibly the body adapts. The smart thing is to keep the machine as healthy as possible along the way, IMO.- Homon[/FONT]


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          wondering how do you know you lost muscle when cutting? did you get accurate bf and calculate it or are you going by strength? or did you just feel like you looked smaller? in my experience when someone is permabulked and bloated i felt like i had more muscle than i did, and i cut and thought i was losing muscle, but there really wasnt alot of muscle to begin with it was glycogen water and fat that made my arms look huge, big barrel chest, but it wasnt muscle. i thought i was wasting away, so i would stop cutting way too early and keep permabulking for years until i decided to finally get lean and start all over.